31 March 2023

Pulp Alley-The Serpent's Eye

Last Sunday myself Luis and David met up at the Abyss for a game of Pulp Alley. This was going to be the first 3 player game of Pulp Alley that I was going to play and I was curious how it would work. Luis set up a terrific terrain as usual and brought all the ancillary figures. I believe the scenario comes from Pulp Alley Expansion Tomb of the Serpent. It was really quite a good scenario and different than I had previously played.

This was not a cooperative game, so it was each man for himself. I brought my Order of the Dragon Tong league, while David played the Serpent Cult league. I am not sure what Luis league is called but I believe it is one of the main leagues from the rulebook. I am sure some of you will recognise the figures from below.

All 3 leagues are in pursuit of the Serpent Relic and the one who finds it achieves victory. It was an 8 turn game which is quite long for Pulp Alley but we had no problems finishing the game. The game is set in Casablanca, and the minor plot points were recognisable to me from the film of the same name. The premise of the scenario is that a thief has just stolen the Relic which is the major plot point and to find the thief you have to gain the the minor plot points to do so.Wandering about are both thieves and police so the game was a lot of fun. 

Unfortunately I took few photos and those I took we really not that useful in retrospect. But here we go anyway.
The basis
The terrain layout, I started in the SE, while while David started in the NE with Luis starting in the NW.
The thieves in yellow with the police in blue
The Serpent Cult
Luis's League
The Fat Man minor plot point

I am really sorry that these photos that I thought were cleverly took are absolutely useless to tell a story.
Turn 2
Turn 3
Turn 4
Turn 7
Turn 8, the final battle was on the roof of the building markedly the dice.

Well if you can figure it out good on you. Generally both myself and David went for Luis league, mostly I think because of initial positioning. I lost a sidekick (I have 2) and one of my followers almost immediately. David had more success with the Serpent Cult (all sidekicks) but by the end of the game had lost at least 2 of them. Luis did lose some characters but was able to hold on and capture the the Relic and held on to it until the end of the game.

This was really a fun game and I definitely would play it again, thanks to Luis for putting it on.

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