29 March 2023

SAGA-A Story of Challenges-Irish vs Anglo Saxons


This past Friday myself and David (I will call him Korrigan doing ahead) got together for another game of SAGA. I wanted to get a bit more experience with the Anglo-Saxons so I played them again. This time rather than the Bretons, Korrigan played the Irish. I have encountered the Irish before (one of my friend Adam's favourite war bands) so I knew I had to watch out for the bushes!

Korrigan puts together excellent battle reports, so rather then trying to do one myself and will just link to his excellent report on his blog.

As you will see it was a great game. Rather than using the Chaos system to generate a battle we used one of the 10 scenario offered in the book. This was quite an interesting scenario as we had to generate our own challenges, but you will hear more about that by going to The Korrigan's Lair.

As a side note our next encounter will feature forces from the Age of Invasions rather than the Age of Vikings. Past that I know David is quite keen to get in some Age of Magic games, so lots to which look forward.

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