23 March 2017

A Flight into Fantasy

This year's AHPC for some reason or another has caused me to go off on a tangent. One would think that from reading my previous blogpost that I would have learned something, especially with 6mm. But no that is not the case. Fortunately, aside from time, the cost was little for this project. Among the many beautiful submissions to this year's challenge were these little figures which were used in some far in the future fantasy setting. I really liked the little vehicles, some blue, some white and some purple.

They looked cool and I had a vague idea that they had something to do with Games Workshop but that was about it. In a recent visit to Iannick's for some gaming, I had a chance to look closer at tiny figures in purple in his painting room. Iannick is really quiet an excellent painter, his figures are always carefully and well painted and he really does a superb job on basing. I was immediately taken with the idea of painting some myself. 

I kept quiet hoping it would pass but I could not get the idea out of my head. I then starting emailing Iannick multiple times each day and over a couple of weeks he very patiently explained Epic 30K to me. Now I have to admit, I still have no idea what the whole thing is about, I know it has something to do with a dystopian future. I know it is in the Warhammer 40K world and that it is it. I am unlikely to read any of the books, of which I understand there are several. 

But I have to say despite all this, I really enjoyed researching the army lists, putting together the OB and painting the figures. I have to say an enormous thanks to Iannick who was very patient with my questions; directing me to the source material, correcting my mistakes and instructing me in the basing of the army.

I wanted a red army, and it had to be a Loyalist faction in the Horus Heresy as Iannick's IIIrd Legion, the Emperor's Children is a Traitor faction. A quick flick through the lists and I was left with the IXth Legion, the Blood Angels. So it started, a quick trip to eBay provided me with an adequate number of figures to start things up. Further arduous research through the internet and looking at many photos of epic armies left me with a painting scheme and off I went.

So anyway, I got painting and made an initial submission to the challenge. This was my first line detachment with it's three supports. This first grouping, based around a Legion Tactical Detachment was 975 points of a planned 3000+ point core force. 
Legion Tactical Detachment
I got a favourable response and since have painted up a second detachment, this one being based on a Legion Terminator Detachment. This will be 1170 points. The third planned detachment will be based around a Legion Assault Marine Detachment.
Legion Terminator Detachment
It was amazing to me, how much time I spent on each of these units. Generally they have been primed red with Citadel Air Evil Sunz Scarlet, followed by a Nuln Oil wash, this was applied quite heavily. I then dry brushed the figure with Wild Rider Red (subsequently since I am transiting to Vallejo, I used VMC 909 Vermillion). I use VMC 801 Brass for the gold and Vallejo 790 Silver (this is an alcohol based paint and is just terrific). Once the metals were applied they would be again washed with Nuln Oil. I tried several other formulae, but I felt this was the best. So let's look at the units.

For each Legion Detachment you are allowed to select 4 supports, you can also do some upgrades. So far I have used what I had on hand from my original eBay purchase, I am hoping my third detachment will be a little more interesting in it's composition.

Here is the basic Legion Terminator Detachment with a Heavy Transport Upgrade of  2 Land Raiders
Next up is a Legion Assault Marine Squad. I am not really happy with the yellow colour of their helmets. I will work on this a bit more in my third basic detachment.
Next up is an artillery battery with 4 Whirlwind units.
Then we have a Land Raider squadron, of the Phobus variant if I have it right. These were painted a little differently then the upgrade transports for the Terminator detachment. All the trim is gold here, with the transports I used some silver to match their helmets. I might add some weathering to vehicles but I have to think about this a bit.
This is a Chaplain which is some sort of leader figure, he is another upgrade to the detachment.  His personal rhino is done poorly done but I kept it as this was my original colour scheme. I was trying for a rose, which I think is more accurate for the Blood Angel Faction, but certainly less attractive. 
Well that is it, these are certainly fun to paint aside from the little men which I find really boring. Stay tuned for more.

16 March 2017

For Sale: Painted 6mm Bacchus Figures

I am not that keen to use my blog to flog things, but there is no real way to post photos of a lot of figures on line especially through TMP.

This is one of those hoped for projects that I know is not going anywhere. When Blucher came out I thought it would be cool to do some Grand Tactical Napoleonic Gaming. It is still cool, but I just know that I am never going to find the time to play the game or even more difficult to find someone with whom to play the game. My local gaming club is unlikely to stray far from any games that are not DBA based or from Warlord Games. I feel quite fortunate to find a couple of gamers in the vicinity who like TFL games, SAGA or who are willing to take on something different.

At the time I was flush with cash from the sale of my 28mm army and had some left overs from the purchase of the 18mm AB Napoleonic army. I jumped in with both feet and commissioned two UK based painters to paint both a French and British  Baccus army. I got the French army based and half the bases terrained except for two bases of artillery. The bases are card sized and are exactly the same sized as the card sets from Blucher. The bases are specialized, I actually have the two card sets (100 days as well as the peninsular set) put out by Sam Mustafa as well as the cards he published through drive thru games which I believe Russians, Austrians, Prussians and Ottomans as well as the Hard Back Rule book. The British are unbased but I have 25 of the same bases for them as well as another 12 bases (small Baccus Bases) of 24 Prussians (at least I think they are) which I bought independently on TMP. There are also some playing aid discs from somewhere or other. 

British (unbased)
640 Infantry
96 Scots
27 Heavy Cavalry
27 Light Cavalry
12 Cannon with artillerymen
8 Artillery Caissons with Horses
9 Generals

288 infantry

18 Large bases of Infantry (most with 64 figures)
2 Large Bases of Light Cavalry (18 figures each)
2 Large Bases of Heavy Cavalry (36 figures each)
1 Large Base of 4 Cannon with 16 men
8 Cannon with 32 men (unbased)
8 Artillery Caissons with horses (unbased)
4 Command Stands with 9 figures

You can get a better idea of the collection by looking at the figures below and there are more photos of the based French army at http://fuentesdeonoro.blogspot.com/2016/02/and-now-for-something-much-smaller-new.html

Oh the price, well I must of spend at least $1600 on this not counting the time to base. I will sell it for $1000!

Horses for the Artillery Caissons
Prussians I believe
French Army
British Army
Prussian,Austrian, Russian and Ottoman Card Sets as well as 2 bases required to finish French Army.
Flags, and the Peninsular and Cent Jours Card Sets
Finished French Bases
Playing Aids, British Bases and Rulebook
French Infantry Base
British Infantry
Unbased British Infantry, Scots and Artillery

04 March 2017

Martlet: Pushed Through!

We had our 5th game in our CoC Martlet campaign today at the Hobby Bunker in Malden, MA. My back was really against the wall now in this campaign, I had already lost 16 men and have had to use my reinforcements in the 2nd turn. Additionally the Germans were intact without loss, and their morale was high. I was getting killed on the Force Morale every game. It was time to really have a plan.

We were playing Table 2 a second time, the terrain is as laid out below and is scenario 3 in the main rulebook.
I diced for my free moves and threw a 6, which was excellent. I ended up pretty well where I wanted with my JOP's and had held the German patrols to no more then 1/2 way up the terrain.
Time to select Supports. Mike was +2 so that gave him 9 supports while I was -1, but cancelled out because this was my second go on this scenario. I ended up with 16 supports. The OB was as follows:

Force Morale 8
SL x 2
3 Rifle sections with a total of 30 men
1 Bren team with JL
1 Piat Team
2 2" Mortar Teams
1 HMG Team
Churchill AVRE

Force Morale 11
SL x 2
3 Panzergrenadier squads with a total of 20 men
2 Panxer IV's

The game played out as follows.

In the first few phases, I decided to get the troops on the table quickly. I had pretty good JOP positions so could cover the ground well. I did not want to expose myself but had to be in position to lay down some fire when the Germans did appear. One squad in the house and one squad in the orchard. I decided also to place a HMG in the house with one of the SL's. With 3 units in the house shock can be easily spread out. I also put a 2" mortar on the edge of the orchard. Mike cautiously put one PG squad in the forest well out of my LOS, and brought on a Panzer IV on the road. Once he committed himself to an advance, I placed my Piat team in good LOS.
I started to lay down smoke and to assist with this I brought on my second Mortar team.  Once enough smoke was laid I advanced one of the mortars to my right flank to cover the asphalt road.
Mike responded by reversing the Panzer IV and changed his line of advance.  He then deployed a 2nd Panzer IV ( I had really hoped that he had not taken a 2nd Panzer as a support and had chosen a the 2" mortar as a 2nd support rather then a 2nd Piat team.......guessed wrong). Under cover of smoke I ran the Piat team down the road and got them in the stone farmhouse. Mike then brought a 2nd squad into the house next to his central JOP. OK this was what I was hoping for so I deployed the Churchill AVRE to my left flank, out of LOS of the Panzers. 
The game was now afoot. I needed more targets and as bait, I deployed my 3rd section into the road and jumped over the hedge, Mike deployed his 3rd squad behind the wall. Now finally there were lots of targets with my men in fairly good position. Mike ended the turn with a CoC dice but I was able to interrupt with my CoC of command dice and move the section which I had used as bait out of LOS of the PG squad in the garden. I advanced the AVRE and got 3 shots off at the forward Panzer, I needed an 8 to hit. I threw a 7 three times! Out of Ammo. Mike was able to fire back at the house with the CoAx MMG and the main gun of the Panzer. Some shock and one kill, all manageable. Back in forth fire but I was able to take out 4 panzergrenadiers in the garden with my HMG and Rifle section. They were pinned. I advanced the Churchill. Next phase I was ready with 16d6 of HE to bring down on the house that the other PG squad was holed up. Mike decided to cut his losses and withdrew. Table 2 was taken, a British victory. 

Some photos of the action.

Panzergrenadiers keeping doggo
Remembered to keep on Overwatch
Finally something to fire out
The Bait
The Result
Never got to fire the big gun
I was happy to secure a victory, the campaign is going to still me a tough slog, but there is now some hope and we move on to a different scenario.

01 March 2017

More Sharp Practice

The Saturday before last we got in another game of Sharpe Practice 2, this time we played at Mike's house in RI. Bit of a delay in getting there as I got lost, never rely on the SatNav completely!

Order of Battle

Level III Leader
3 Groups of British Line Regular Infantry

Level I Leader
2 Groups of Spanish Line Conscript Fusileros

Level I Leader
1 Group of Brunswick Skirmish Light Infantry

Level II Leader
1 Group of 95th Rifles Skirmish Light Infantry

Level III Leader
2 Groups of Dragoon Skirmishers
1 Group of Voltiguer Skirmishers
Holy Man

Level II Leader
1 Group of Regular Line Carabiniers
1 Group of Regular Line Vistula Legion (lent to me by Mike)

Level II Leader
1 Group of Regular Line Voltiguers
1 Group of Conscript Line Chasseurs

We again played Scenario One from the book, we diced for Morale, mine was 9 and Mike's was 11. On to the game.........

Mike sizing up the terrain while he shuffles the cards. French starting position is to the left.  The French Deployment Point is just to the left of the hill, the British is just to the right of the Hacienda. 
Mike advances the 95th.
These are a very tough nut, they have a 36" range and have the +1 to hit light infantry bonus
I advance my large formation of skirmishers to my right flank behind a hill.
Mike advances his Brunswick Light Infantry, fortunately they are armed with muskets. 
The Spanish conscripts are close behind, followed by the British line.
Looks like they are heading down the road.
The French Chasseur/Voltiguer Formation heads to the road, while the Carabiniers and the Vistula Legion maneuver around the hill, unfortunately the tree line did not block LOS
First Fire at the 95th, little success
Big powerful group of skirmishers shriking behind the hill
Time to advance
The 95th gets a little skittish and withdraws to the cover of the building
Mike decides the threat is to his left flank
The French advance and fire, those Fusileros are not an easy target
The French skirmishers fire with little effect
The thin red line fires and kaboom, down go the voltiguers!
Even the Status III Leader is knocked over, the physic ministers with success
It was a busy day for him as he rushes back and forth
I bring up the Carabiniers and the Vistula Legion, but by now the British Line has repositioned itself and fires causing the Poles and the French to withdraw, the French Morale plunges the depths et le jeu est terminé. Victory to the British.

It was another great game, no question this is a great ruleset and I suspect that we will be starting a campaign before too long. But for now back to Chain of Command Martlet, hoping to get the next turn in this weekend.