22 August 2023

Chain of Command-Hasty Defence

Game 1

Myself and David (Korrigan) got together Wednesday evening for his first game of Chain of Command. He was keen to play the Belgians which quite a complex platoon to play for his first game. But we gave it a shot. I had planned a 2nd game with Graham on Thursday so it would not require a 2nd set up.

Chasseurs Ardennais

Base Platoon with CoC Dice

Supports (12)
47mm Gun
Maxim MG 
Barbed Wire
Red Dice (first game, so I let this go)


Schutzen Platoon (Panzer Division 1)

Supports (21)
Shabby Nazi Trick 
MMG Team
Stuka Attack
Red Dice

German Attack coming from the Foreground

 Game 2

The next night myself and Graham got together and played the same game but with Graham playing the attacking Germans. I had a much less miraculous Support roll with a 5 rather than the 12 that Korrigan had rolled the night before. This was Graham's 6th game of CoC, so he was getting pretty comfortable with the process.

Chasseurs Ardennais

Base Platoon with CoC Dice

Supports (5)


Schutzen Platoon (Panzer Division 1)

Supports (13)
Shabby Nazi Trick
Pregame Barrage
Flamethrower Team
2 Engineering Teams

The Germans are attacking from the fairground

Of course, I completely forgot to take any further photos. 

So as usual it was a lot of fun to play Chain of Command. Korrigan did a nice job in his first game of CoC, taking down my FM where I had to withdraw from the table. Graham also did a quite good job but I was able to get down his FM causing him to withdraw from the table.

So we ended up with 2 wins for the Belgian defenders.....interesting. One thing is for sure though, Early War action is a lot of fun. I think I will have to convince someone to start up a campaign soon!

10 August 2023

Congo-The Little Village of Boumaqui

Last Sunday, myself and Graham got together for a game of Congo. We decided to play one of the main scenarios with 80 point tribes. The Boumaqui (Forest Tribes) were holding Father Marcelin captive and the Akebou (African Kingdoms) were sent to save him. 


Witch Doctor 
2 x Warriors 
2 x Hunters 


Witch Doctor
Married Warriors
Ruga Ruga

Nicely done as usual, I was attacking from the right and left of the table, while Graham had some of his troops in the kraal guarding Father Marcelin. What made it tricky has more of his troops spanned each turn from one of the 4 corners.

The attack starts
Forest tribes bowmen guarding the east
Guarding the western approach
My Ruga and Ruga followed by the Fanatics coming from the west
My Married Warriors and Bodyguards attacked from the east but unfortunately they were shot down by bow armed troops from the north and south. They were able to take out a unit of Archers within the kraal, but it came too late....I am hoping that the good father was not eaten!

Well it seems like an age since I have won any games, I never even came close in this on. Graham felt I probably should not of spent all my points on high value units. Certainly he had 50% more units on the table than I, which made it quite a challenge. And amazingly enough for the 2nd game in a row, my Witch Doctor drew a red death head on his first cast spell.

But as usual it was a lot of fun, there is certainly nothing to dislike about Congo.

05 August 2023

CoC at the Abyss

Myself and Gabriel met up today to have a game of Chain of Command at the Abyss. Gabriel is a member of our Historical Wargaming Club in Montreal and was curious about Chain of Command, which he had not played before. He is starting to paint a 28mm Canadian platoon but since he did not have an opposing force we played with my 20mm troops. Gabriel wanted to play the Canadians so I played the Germans. 

We played the Patrol Phase twice as I really have a hard time explaining without actually demonstrating it. We played The Probe Scenario with the following line up.

Canadians FM 11

Standard Rifle platoon with 3 sections
1 barbed wire
1 minefield

Germans FM 11

Standard Grenadier platoon with 3 squads
1 MMG Team
1 Adjutant

The JOP's the Germans were the attackers, we played across the short axis and I cam from the right of the photo. We both had decent positions for deployment. 
This is the Canadian right flank, as you can see Gabriel has a section in the house while I am trying to sneak by blu squad around the house. I actually got no further.
This is my right flank, I tried to get my green squad around the side this did not end well.
.....as you can see they broke back after close combat.
By now my FM was plummeting while the Canadians were still in good shape.
Gabriel deserves that satisfied look as he really played quite well and won the game when my FM dropped to 2, while I believe he was still at 10.

I have to say for a learning game this went very well, and we went through pretty well all the rules except for those related to vehicles as we did not have any in the Order of Battle. Gabriel picked up the rules very quickly and we had a good game. I am hoping we have another CoC player in Montreal.