29 August 2012

FB Grubenhagen

Field Battalion Grubenhagen fielded 643 men and officers at Waterloo. A unit like this is what makes this brigade, some variation is always necessary and it was nice to paint some green rather than red.
Lovely Perry figures as usual.

28 August 2012

Oh No! Another Re-Organization

I have an upcoming game in early October in Montreal with the usual suspects. Since I let Iannick pick the scenario the last time, I convinced him it was my turn. My French friends are usually more keen to game the central European theatre, rather than the Peninsula or Waterloo. But it is only fair that I get to field les rosbifs every now and then. I wanted to do a Waterloo scenario, but I am still working on my Prussian Corps as well as my Hanoverian Brigade. Just was not ready, but I will be soon.

27 August 2012


I have been diligently working away on my SAGA figures, but also on those important gaming accruements.

17 August 2012

Casualty Stands (Part 2)

Sometime ago I made a post about what I thought was a good plan for casualty stands, well I tried them out in June in Montreal, and they just did not seem to work (Peut-être, que c'était parce qu'ils ont parlé tous français. Qui sait!). Iannick my usual opponent has his own method and I have decided after some thought to go with his plan. Essentially he uses 3 differently sized circular bases (30,40,50 mm) to represent 1, 2, or 3 drops in cohesion, strength etc. This is not a bad system, as it is obvious and you can use a single or a combination of stands for a single unit to represent the damage they have taken.

16 August 2012

Two more points of SAGA

I have just finished another unit of Skraelings, here we have a unit of Warriors comprised of 8 figures. I call them the green band as their unifying colour is green. This is to distinguish them from the the yellow band!

15 August 2012

Salamanca Summer Challenge Step 2

Well I have got a bit of painting done in the last couple of days. I have finished 2 more points of SAGA, got all my casualty figures migrated to round bases and re-terrained, painted and terrained 3 new casualty bases as well as started another unit of Hanoverians. And yes, I put a bit more paint on my Barron Larrey project.

12 August 2012

Some Foundry Figures: 4eme Lanciers

A couple of years ago, I swore off Foundry figures, they were expensive and a regimental order of légére showed up from Nottingham with more broken bayonets and plumes than I could count. There was also the major problem of their cavalry, they are tiny in comparison to other manufacturers especially Front Rank or Calpe. Even Perry's are quite a bit larger.

06 August 2012

Salamanca Summer Challenge Step 1

I have actually found it a bit tough to get painting this summer, I dislike the heat and it has been very hot, even hot inside with AC. I believe this has made me a little sluggish, but I have a lot coming up in the gaming world, with couple of trips to Montreal this fall, as well as the La Bricole painting challenge, so it was time to get going.