31 March 2012

Field of Glory-Napoleonic Review Part 1

No one should say that I will not try anything once. Being a relatively new war gamer, I have none of the biases and deep seated resentments that seem to pervade the minds of les grognards. I will happily try Warhammer as I have nothing against Games Workshop. I looked at Napoleon ( a real stinker, I do not believe they even sell it anymore), as I have never perceived that Foundry has been out to get me.

22 March 2012

French Command Stands

I recently just finished rebasing my French command stands. I liked the Prussian ones so much, I decided to change the works. During the process I also finally painted the emperor himself and numerous ADC's. The stands are 120x80mm, and I have decided not to differentiate high command structures by number of figures or size of base. Higher command structure is defined as Army, Corps or Division (Prussian Brigade). I will try to make it obvious from the figures on the stand what level they represent. Lower level commanders (brigade,regimental or battalion) remain on 40x40 or 40x25mm stands.

19 March 2012

1/1 Landwehr Regiment of the Elbe

Some further additions to the 1815 Prussian Army. I have had a bit of a painting hiatus recently, life got in the way etc etc.

Recently received my final shipment directly from Calpe in the UK. Received in 8 days from the day that the order was placed, excellent service. With the exchange I save, I suspect 25% from the amount the US distributer would have charged. Well worth it.