26 May 2012

Calpe Landwehr: New and Old

In my recent push to get figures painted for Vorwärts Montreal, the last unit painted was a Landwehr battalion.....2nd battalion/1st Regiment of the Elbe. I have yet to present them.

What is interesting about this unit though is that they are mostly comprised of what I believe are first generation sculpting by Peter Fitzgerald of Prussian Landwehr. I bought these units about 6 months ago, and initially I was a little disturbed that they were significantly different than the Calpe landwehr figures I had on hand. They looked like Calpe, but were clearly different. I confirmed on TMP that they were indeed Calpe. The more I looked at the figures though the more I liked them, so it was with pleasure that I started to paint them. Unfortunately time was at a premium so they were a little rushed, but I am good with how they eventually came out. I thought it would be interesting to look at the differences and the evolution of Peter's sculpting style.

19 May 2012

Vorwärts Montreal

Well it is a beautiful day in Salem and the forecast looks great for Montreal for the next several days, so forward we go. I have just worked the last 7 in 9 days so I am really looking forward to the break. I am driving up with my son Simon, who I believe although happy to be home, is suffering acute withdrawal from the delights of the Montreal nightlife.

We are having our game at Chez Iannick tomorrow, and although I am sure that he will post a report on his blog Clash of Empires, I thought he would not mind me posting the initial details here.

18 May 2012

Casualty Markers and Sub-Commander Stands

Well I have almost got everything done for the big game in Montreal this Sunday. It really has been a pretty busy time while at the same time I have worked almost every day. Essentially do a shift, come home eat something and start painting.

I had hoped to have a few more new style casualty stands done, but I find the little dice holders time consuming to make, I will have to come up with a different plan if I hope to have one for every infantry battalion and cavalry regiment. I had also hoped to have some Prussian Landwehr mounted regimental officers done, but the ones from Warlord Games only arrived yesterday.

14 May 2012


It has been almost a month since I posted to the blog, time goes by! I have been quite busy with painting, but just have not had time to take a lot of photos.

I have been preparing for a trip to Montreal this coming weekend, and all though I am not the Prussian Commander, I had been tasked with bringing a Prussian brigade (division for the unaware). I had 48 infantry to paint and several command figures as well as some casualty markers to do, so I have been busy. Still have 12 infantry to go, but I suspect I will have them done in time.