25 January 2013

Dux Britanniarum: Romano British Elites

Here is my 6th submission to the Painting Challenge, and the start of my Romano-British force. All Gripping Beast figures, I got the starter box for Xmas and they are nice figures. I probably could of spent more time selecting figures and I know other manufacturers carry figures for this era. For my SAGA Andalusian warband, I ended up spending hours on the internet and bought them from 3 different manufacturers.

19 January 2013

SAGA: More Jomsvikings

Here is a couple of quick photos of the second unit of Jomsvikings, I painted for SAGA and Dux Britiannarium. These figures and the Skraelings are the best figures I have seen from Gripping Beast and both sets were a pleasure to paint. Who knows, maybe some day I will give the Jomsviking Battleboard a go for SAGA.

18 January 2013

The Clever Boy Contest Winners

Well with some coaching we have winners in the Clever Boy contest, as you will remember there were two questions related to my previous post on the Flemish Mercenaries. To broaden the appeal, I posted a link to the questions on the TMP Dark Ages discussion forum. This attracted some new people to the blog, I believe most of my readers are Napoleonic gamers and the contest had to do with the Dark Ages. I would have liked to get a few more answers, but so it goes.

16 January 2013

SAGA:More Skraelings

My fourth submission to The Painting Challenge was these 2 points of Skraeling Warriors. This completes my 6 point Skraeling warband for SAGA.

This time, I decided to do something different, so after the white prime, I airbrushed the figures with Citadel Foundation Tallerin Flesh. The skins were then painted with GW Bleached Bone. Some white, black and colour were then added. The usual AP Darktone dip was then applied. It really worked like a charm, and I maybe spent 15 minutes per figure, aside from the basing.

15 January 2013

Rohan: Rider of Rohan and Théoden

This will be the last post for a while of my son's LotR collection. The Painting Challenge has to take precedence, and that is where I will have to focus my attention.

The scenes involving the Rohirrim in the LotR films are really my favourite. Who can forget Aragorn's, Legolas and Gimli's initial meeting with Éomer when they are pursuing the Uruk-hai. Or Théoden's speech where he exhorts his riders to Rack and Ruin to ride out among the Uruk hoards in the siege of Helm's Deep. Equally inspiring is their charge to relieve the Siege of Minas Tirith.

10 January 2013

Flemish Mercenaries and Who's a Clever Boy Contest

This is my 5th submission to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. The minute I read about these Swords for Hire on the Gripping Beast website, I wanted them. This is one of the things I like about SAGA; small units, different characteristics......easy to add points to your war bands.

08 January 2013

The Dwarf Holds: Khazad Guard

A very short post to show off my son's Dwarves from his LotR collection. These are from the Khazad Guard collection and I think the chap in green (second from the right) is a Dwarf king of some sort. After looking at Nicolas's Nowhere to Lead Soldiers collection one really has to be impressed with the Games Workshop's LotR Dwarf figures, they really are superb.

07 January 2013

Brunswick Cavalry

My second submission to the painting challenge is some Brunswick Cavalry. I have painted the Brunswick cavalry as at Waterloo, but I can also use the Hussars in the peninsula. I believe there were two squadrons of Hussars brigaded with the British 20th Light Dragoons.