08 August 2016

Type B Imperial Japanese Army Rifle Platoon (1941-42)

I have not had a whole lot of time for wargaming activities recently, quite busy at work and getting things organized in the house. I particularly hate the summer, so f...ing hot, it really makes me quite lethargic!

While in Montreal, I did finish off my Type B IJA Rifle platoon for Chain of Command. I had done 2 LMG squadrons and a couple of supports, but I still had the grenade launcher squadron, a 3rd LMG squadron as well as a number of supports to do. I finally got the basing done today and have had a chance to take a few photos.

The force is quite complete, I would like to get a Ha Go Tank, as well as some engineers but that is about it.
A Mixture of Eureka and Warmodelling figures as well as some Waterloo 1815 1/72 Plastics
Warmodelling LMG Squad
Eureka LMG Squad
Mixed Eureka-Warmodelling LMG Squad
Grenade Launcher Squad, Eureka on the sides and Warmodelling in the middle.
Type 97 20mm ATR Team in front, with a Sniper Team, a chappies with a Rifle Grenade and AT Suicide Plunge Mine, Tank Hunter Team and a Type 94 Tankette in the back row from left to right. The Rifle Grenade and Lunge Mine figures are from the Waterloo 1815 Plastic 1/72 plastic range.
From left to right; a Type 92 MMG Team, Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank and a  7cm Type  92 Infantry Gun with a JL from the Waterloo 1815 Range. Little more slender than the metals but no problem mixing in.

The 1941-42 IJA List for CoC
A still have two squads of USMC as well as a Raider squad to paint to complete the opposing army for the IJA, but thankfully they are almost done and should get posted within in the next month.