24 February 2018

AHPCVIII Eighth Submission-Revenants

Missed making a submission last week; I have been working on a new project but I was able to get another unit of SAGA Revenants done, so something to go with. 

I have used a different method of painting than I had previously, as can be seen

I have another 12 figures to go which came in the original box set. I may do these in a completely different style, but I suspect they will not surface until next year's challenge.

02 February 2018

Rommel at the Hobby Bunker

Last Saturday, the gaming club at the local hobby store had a game day. It was a pretty low key event, I think there were 6 games set up. Two of the games called for multiple players, one set in the Sudan and one set in WWI, both being played with a ruleset called Trench Wars. Pretty simple mechanics, but fun enough, I think I finally understand what a beer and pretzels game means! 

There were 4 other games I believe, one them being a Rommel game that I set up with a Tunisian Campaign scenario. I was able to entice 2 players to the game and thus I was able to act as a gamemaster. To the ruleset's credit, this was a very easy task as I had only occasion to refer to the book once in reference to being flanked.

Neither of the players had played Rommel or any Honour games in the past and they picked up the mechanics of the game quite quickly. But what did they think? Well I suspect one player would not play again and the other may play again. They both criticized the combat grid as being a little complicated but I have to say we played around 12 turns in 90 minutes at which time the Axis player declared victory. I find every gamer different in what they want from a game, so it is a bit hard to say much beyond that.

The game did give me confidence though in hosting and game-mastering at club and conference meetings. As I have before lamented though, it is unfortunate that I am having difficulty finding players in the local community who are interested in the same games as I. Keep plugging away I suppose.

Here are a few photos.

General game set up, with the initial Axis advance to the right. The Americans are defending 4  objectives in the mountains as well as to the left. The Axis started at the edge of the terrain on the right.
The rear most US Objective, defended by a Priest!
Most of the action took place at this gap in the mountains, we can see that the Axis have just captured this objective.