30 April 2024

Caesars Camp-Counter Attack at Villiers

Last Wednesday myself and Graham got together to play Turn 7 (and last) in our Caesars Camp campaign set in 1940 France. We had played 6 turns, so far with the British winning the most, however I should note that Turn 6 was a cliffhanger with some luck at the end Turing what seemed to be a German victory into a loss. This was the first time that Graham got to attack in the game and he had a fresh platoon. Victory here would allow the Germans to prevent a Major British victory. Because of the complexity of the terrain we decided to play at my place. I should both that we were both -2 of our FM rolls to start the game. 

German Attackers-217th Infanterie Regiment (FM8)

2nd Wave Infantry Platoon #3
Senior Leaders (Leutnant CR 6")
3 squads of 10 men, lead by a JL's, one squad with a MG08/15

Supports 16
Stuka Attack
Extra squad
MMG Team
Flamethrower Team

Scottish Defenders-The Cameron Highlanders (FM8)

British EW Infantry Platoon (A Company)
2 Senior Leaders
2" Mortar Team
3 sections of 10 men, lead by Junior Leaders-(minus 3 men)
Vickers MMG Team

Supports 9
Anti-Aircraft Artillery
Pioneer Section w/ 2 entrenchments
Vickers MMG Team w/JL

The Game

Unlike the previous games this game was fought over a fairly densely populated area. We had checked google maps before the game and in the schematic provided in the campaign booklet the church was oriented north to south and it should have been oriented west to east so we changed that. Otherwise I tried my best to duplicate it.

The German approach into the village

Patrol Markers

Effect of the Stuka was somewhat muted with most of the hits north of the battle line.
The German attack initially seemed to centre on the British left flank
Also a squad approaching from the right, I put my engineers down on OW.

The German attack is definitely coming from the left with 3 squads now attacking on that side.

The battle got interesting here, but no photos unfortunately. The Germans dropped a Flamethrower Team ambush causing the Brits behind the house to fallback but they then became pinned. They were also able to push a squad into the house denying the JOP to the Brits, thus they were unable to reinforce. It started to look pretty dodgy for the Brits and their FM was now down to 5........
...........I did have an ace up my sleeve though with my MMG section yet undeployed, it was now or never. I had designated the church as my "Keep" at the beginning of the game and warned Graham as such. The Keep functions as a JOP and is Bunker cover. I deployed the squad at the top of the Steeple and they were able to rain 20d6 on the attacking Germans. A lucky double phase came up and I was able to drive the attackers FM down to 0. A British victory!

Well another campaign played out, I must have at least 10 under my belt by now and Graham's first. He played quite well and the last 2 games were quite close. I would not rate this as one of the top campaigns I have played but it was fun. There were a couple of discrepancies or missing pieces in the booklet. I wonder what we will play next. I have a sense that Graham is interested in the Many Rivers campaign as he is building a Dutch platoon.

28 April 2024

Back to Pulp Alley

I noticed a few weeks ago that I had not played Pulp Alley for a some time. I really like this ruleset and was getting concerned that I would forget the rules. Myself and my friend PY usually get together Monday nights for a game once or twice a month, and I suggested that we have a game of Pulp Alley.

PA takes some preparation especially in League composition, but I did not have a lot of time so I went my Order of the Jade Dragon league.

I suspect PY was a little pressed as well so he went with his Followers of the Eye league.

PY did set up a really cool table which he 3D printed himself, it must of took ages, but it looked great and I have to say it was ideal for a Pulp Alley game.
PY's league has the ability to add a character at the beginning of the game, which he was successful with so he ended up with 4 characters. He also has the ability to convert one of my characters to a member of his league but was unable to do so in this game.....thankfully.

As usual, I took only 1 photo during the game and this one was about half way through. I believe we played the first scenario from the book, with a major plot point in the centre and 4 minor plot points peripherally.
Well, I really enjoyed playing PA again. I forgot how much fun it was. We had a lot of play of the Fortune Cards back and forth which added quite a lot of drama. I got crushed for 2 reasons, my dice were awful with which you can not do much but I am starting to realise that this league is quite poorly constructed, especially needing some changes in the traits of the Inscrutable Tong. Will have to get some work in on that, my Baker Street league is a little better but I think I will start working on a Venetian league with some of my figures from Carnevale.


25 April 2024

GdA2-Introductory Game at the Abyss-Albuera

Six of us got together last Sunday to play the new updated version of GdA2. Eight members of our wargaming club made a group purchase of the new rulebook and this was our first chance for the club to get in a game (myself and Graham had played 2 warm up games to get a sense of the rule changes). 

Graham and myself game-mastered the game, with 4 players, 2 per side. Rob and Michel played the Anglo-Spanish side, while David and Gabriel took the French. I should have the 4 players only one was acquainted with the ruleset and that was version 1. Two of the other players had knowledge of other Napoleonic rulesets and 1 player had really no knowledge of Napoleonic warfare aside from watching the Sharpe series on TV. As an aside, I should mention that that is how I got into wargaming!

We played the Albuera scenario from rulebook, there were 5 brigades per side and if you want to know more about it I would strongly recommend that you buy the rulebook.

Game (many thanks to Graham foe taking the photos and recording the events)

  Scouting: French failed all 3 scouting checks



Turn 1: Spanish brigades moved forward, 2 French brigades moved, 1 Hesitant.

Turn 2: Same as Turn 1 but with 2 French Brigades Hesitant. Allied reinforcement Colbourne arrives in Allied right centre.

Turn 3: Same as Turn 2, Colbourne redeploys towards right sector, artillery deploys in centre. 2 French Brigades advance and 1 Hesitant.

Turn 4: Both sides have full ADC count, French win the initiative. Artillery fire commences. Hoghton and Penne arrive for Allies in centre sector. French reinforcements and Reserves use a re-tasking to  arrive in their right hand sector.

Turn 5: 1 Spanish Brigade Hesitant, Penne move to support Spanish brigades, Hoghton deploys behind Colbourne. French okay and start massing for their attacks against Colbourne and the 2 Spanish Brigades.

Turn 6: Allies use “Chief of Staff” C-in-C command, win initiative, 2 French Infantry Assaults against Colbourne  result in 2 British battalions retreating and Colbourne’s Brigade Falters. The Spanish are holding their own against the French, with a Spanish square beating of a French cavalry attack. 

Turn 7: Colbourne uses “Stand with Me!” C-in-C command to steady faltering brigade and beat back fresh French infantry attacks . 

Not to be outdone, the Spanish Brigades repulse further French attacks.

 More Photos from the players:

I believe everyone had a good time and they all said that they would play again, we are having another introductory game featuring the Eckmühl scenario this Saturday so stay tuned in.