31 December 2011

"Les pinceaux de la guerre"

The La Bricole is holding a painting competition. This is a small but growing forum of devotees of the Les Guerres Napoléoniennes. The rules are here and all are invited to compete, the deadline for entry is the 25th January and the final submission has to be in March 31.

15 December 2011

Some Prussians

Adolf Northen
Finally got around to painting some troops, getting them photographed and uploaded them to the blog. The last Napoleonics I painted were some French Carabiniers back in March. Now back though and have painted several battalions over the last couple of months. I am planning to do the Warhammer twelve scenario Waterloo campaign over the next two and half years, hoping to finish by June 2015. Not sure about the ruleset yet, but I liked what I have seen so far with the Warhammer Waterloo rules. 

08 December 2011

Bone idle you say...Not true

My friend Curt at Analogue Hobbies up there in Saskatchewan, has announced the 2nd Annual Winter Painting Challenge and I suspect it will be quite an event. Last year's contest was well attended but this year promises to be something different. Contestants are flocking from all over the world including Canada, here in New England, the British Isles, the EC and I hear even the Antipodes. Rules can be found on Curt's blog and all painters of honour are invited.