30 July 2011

Long Range Dessert Group

It has been quite some time since I have posted. Was on vacation (hooked my first salmon!) and have been working everyday (the American people's appetite for medical care knows no bounds). At the same time, I have been working diligently on my upcoming WWII game in Montreal. Pretty well have the terrain and most of the figures done. Still playing around with the OB for the scenario, but more on that later. I have got quite a bit of British and Commonwealth painted and hope to update my OB to the left soon, but I thought I should make one more post before the end of the month.

06 July 2011

Somewhere in les Monts des Ksours (Tunisia Early 1943)

This will be my initial stab at a North African scenario, which involves advance elements of the 8th Army and the LRDG searching for an oasis just south of Matmâta Hills. This is a small fictional action that takes place within the larger action of the Allied attempts to flank the Mareth Line.

03 July 2011

Some Necessary Corrections

After the Panzerschreck debacle, I thought I would show that I can learn so I am posting some photos of the "schreck" posed correctly as a stereoscopic range finder with the FlaK 36 crew.

02 July 2011

A Nice Gift

Imagine my surprise when I got up this morning and found a nicely wrapped box on my painting table. What was inside was also very nice.