29 January 2024

CoC Training: Canadians attack the Bersaglieri

Last Sunday we got together at the Abyss for another training game of CoC. Two club members, Gabriel and Dan, came for the game. We played in 20mm as my WWII terrain is at that scale. Gabriel has a 28mm Canadian platoon and is working on a 20mm French Platoon. Dan has, I believe, some 28mm platoons but also has a beautifully painted 20mm Bersaglieri platoon. He has put this together for Eastern Europe, but we decided to play a Western European game with a Canadian platoon attacking an Italian farm defended by a platoon of Italian marksmen. Quite ahistoric but it got the job done. We had to do a bit of fiddling with the Italian list but used the one from the Serafimovich campaign.

The Canadians were attacking from the left
We played the Attack and Defend scenario
Patrol Markers
Good use of Smoke
A Vickers team supported by an Infantry section move up on their right in an attempt to out-flank the Italians on their left
Unfortunately the Italians got caught in the open and were pulverised by 2 Canadian sections, giving the game to the Canadians.

I believe both players enjoyed the game, it was their second game and it went quite well. I felt no need do the Patrol Phase twice as they both had well placed JOP's. I made a fairly significant error with the armour rules, which gave quite an advantage to the Canadians. The Canadians did win on morale and I think we could have selected better supports for the Italians. They really had no AT weaponry (as was the case in Eastern Europe) but the next time they see the table in Western Europe they will have a Pak38. 

24 January 2024

Tournoi de SAGA

Some photos from our club's SAGA tournament organised by my friend Luis. The tournament was held last Saturday with 10 contestants, some coming from Quebec City as well as Ottawa. It was a great time.

Luis, the organiser, with François the Winner

Martin won the best painted army


02 January 2024

Dracula's America


Unfortunately, I was unable to post this brief report in 2023, but it was my last game of 2023. Myself and Luis met at his place for another great game of Dracula's America. We played similar posses as our last game. I dod not remember the name of the scenario but essentially we started with $120 posses in opposite  corners of the terrain which was again a western town.

In one of the central building was the Necronomicon, the winner simply had to control this building after 8 turns. It was a good game with a lot of back and forth. We were able to take out some of our opposing characters but at the end of the game, I believed Luis controlled 3 of the 4 buildings while I just controlled one. A die was thrown and Luis's Skinwalker posse discovered the Necronomicon. It looks like my Nephilim will require a bit more training!
Luis wanted me to point out it was not a good idea for fallen angels to hang out around a brothel.

The real good news is that we are starting a campaign in the New Year which I am much looking forward to, we are organising our posses now and hopefully within the month we will get in our first game.