14 September 2012

SAGA: Two War Bands Completed

I finally finished the final 2 starter units that I purchased in June. These are both 4 point war bands, and are what is recommended to learn the game.
First up is a 8 figure Viking Warrior unit. I used axes for the weapons in 7 out of the 8 weapons, but I found for some of them that the pose looked a little odd and maybe I should have used javelins. I will have to fix the shield to the left not sure how it got smeared with red.

11 September 2012

Salamanca Summer Challenge Step 3

I finally got around to putting a bit more paint on these figures. I have multiple other projects ongoing so these have been on the back of the painting table being pushed back by my SAGA project (thankfully just finished today), my British re-organization which has required painting a dozen new figures as well as re-terraining multiple bases, my ongoing Hanoverian brigade and organizing a scenario for my upcoming game in Montreal.