30 November 2012

Bronze Age & Gripping Beast Vikings

I was recently asked for some comparison photos of Bronze Age Miniature and Gripping Beast Vikings. Unfortunately this is a little difficult as the I have already based the figures and the bases are of differing heights. Not withstanding this I have taken some photos, and I believe from them you can get a sense of their proportions anyway. The Bronze Age miniatures are in the middle.

28 November 2012

Liebster Awards

It took me awhile to figure out what this actually was, I am am still quite confused. When I google Liebster Award, I get these blogs which absolutely have nothing to do with wargaming. The only unifying detail is that it is awarded to blogs which have less then 200 followers.

26 November 2012

Good vs Evil!

I believe most of my readers have heard me make an occasional negative remark about non-historical wargaming. It is not that I have anything against people who enjoy fantasy wargaming and their figures are certainly fascinating, but really to catch my imagination there has to be some attachment to reality. Although, one could argue of course that history is not an absolute reality, but really someone's version of reality. Still though fro me it is nice to think that my wargaming has some basis in the past. What about your attachment to Sharpe, you say, he was not real! Well Sharpe's adventures are set in a very exciting period in history, just like with Uthred or Balista. And I am good with that.

24 November 2012

The Black Hoard: 3rd Brunswick Light Battalion

I am hoping that this is the penultimate army I will start in my Napoleonic collection. I just need to control myself. My long term goal has always been to fight Quatre Bras, so the last army should be obvious. I have always wanted to paint the Black Brunswickers and they will also, I hope, have some use as allies for the Austrians. Here is a nice brochure put out by Wargames Illustrated.

22 November 2012

A Recent Game with a New Set of Rules

I am starting to have a real backlog of posts. I am planning to put up posts on my next Napoleonic army (someone did guess correctly on my second last post), some comparison photos of Bronze Age and Gripping Beast Vikings (as requested), my son's LotR collection (which I have started to revitalize), my Dux Britainniarum Saxon Army (well actually my Vikings with some new command figures and movement trays) as well as some photos of my first painted Napoleonic figures (done almost 40 years ago) which I have just dug up. I have been doing a lot of day shifts recently and unfortunately, where the days are short, this leaves no time for photography in natural light.

06 November 2012

Freydis Eriksdottir: Hero of the Viking Age

My initial attraction to SAGA was the Skraeling special pack. Suddenly I could play out a game that was set in my native land, Newfoundland. I like wargaming with some basis in history, so as I have detailed in previous posts my plan was to set up a campaign set in Vinland to recreate the encounters of the Greenlanders with the Skraelings as detailed in the 2 Vinland Sagas. About a month ago myself and Nicolas at Nowhere to Lead Soldiers got in a brief test game set in Vinland. Nicolas appears to have been quite taken with the story as he has written a SAGA campaign with several linked scenarios for Vinland. I suspect he will soon be detailing them on his blog, so I will leave that there for now.

01 November 2012

More Vikings

The great things about skirmish figures is that the units are small and I find them quick to paint. Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to fit in another 16 figures between the Napoleonics.

These are the last two points for my Viking Warband, I now have 6 points of Vikings, the standard sized Warband for SAGA. All Gripping Beast figures.