30 November 2012

Bronze Age & Gripping Beast Vikings

I was recently asked for some comparison photos of Bronze Age Miniature and Gripping Beast Vikings. Unfortunately this is a little difficult as the I have already based the figures and the bases are of differing heights. Not withstanding this I have taken some photos, and I believe from them you can get a sense of their proportions anyway. The Bronze Age miniatures are in the middle.

My general sense is that the BA miniatures are a little slighter overall than the GB. Look at the 3 leaders figures. The GB figure to the far right is a sturdy robust figure while the female figure is somewhat slighter. Females are of course slighter then males, so in my mind this is all good. Look now at the GB standard bearer and then the BA figure to his left. I suspect that the BA figure if erect would be slightly taller, but is again the GB figure is more robust.
From looking at the figures overall though they all seem to match quite well and I have no problems having the mixture in a skirmish army.



  1. Great stuff John! They all look great but I particularly like the wolves and the animation you achieved with the Viking flag. Well done!

  2. nice work John, who manufactures those wolves?

  3. I like the Bronze age figures, I'd not heard of them before, they make some really nice stuff. Love the Wolves as well!

  4. I thought the BA figs would look bigger among real 28mm. But from your picture I could not tell which is what. The work on the bases unifies the whole for sure.

  5. Handy to have the comparison shots, thanks for sharing.

  6. Looking very nice!
    I do like the wolves and the flag!

  7. Very nice ! Especially the Skraeelong Chief, Stunning !!!

    Best regards Michael