30 October 2012

FeldBattalion Lüneberg

This is the last battalion needed to complete the 1st Hanoverian Brigade at Waterloo.
The battalion fielded 617 men and officers at Waterloo under Lt Col Von Klencke. You can see the rest of my Hanoverian brigade in the background.

25 October 2012

FoB Terrain Modifications Buscao Ridge

Our recent game in Montreal really taught me that scenario design is a lot more complicated then just throwing two balanced forces together. I had looked quite forward to the game, we were going to use a set of rules that I like but had not used in awhile, and I really enjoy recreating historical battles. It ended up being a bit of a debacle, mostly because I really failed to consider the complex nature of the terrain in the scenario in respect to the ruleset.

21 October 2012

Carnage in Montreal

Iannick has posted an AAR of our recent Napoleonic battle Reynier's Assault on Busaco Ridge on his blog Clash of Empires. Essentially as he will describe the Anglo-Portuguese did not repeat history which resulted in a crushing defeat for myself and Nicolas.
The relentless French columns
We did have some problem with the terrain rules which I failed to predict, but more about that in a later post.


12 October 2012

SAGA in Montreal

Nicolas has posted an excellent AAR for our first SAGA games last weekend. Hopefully much more to come about our adventures in Vinland. See Nowhere to Lead Soldiers.
Photo from Nowhere to Lead Soldiers

10 October 2012

Photos de Montréal

I thought I would post a few images from my past gaming weekend in Montréal. Unfortunately, I could not control the lighting and I was using an iPhone, so the photos are not great. I am suspect both Nicolas and Iannick will be posting AAR's on their blogs, they were both using cameras, so I am hoping for better photos.

03 October 2012

Onwards to the Busaco Ridge

Well it is off to Montreal tomorrow. Should be a great weekend, I am playing SAGA on Saturday with Nicolas of Nowhere to Lead Soldiers. He has been painting up an Anglo-Dane (well I think they are dwarves actually) 4 point warband, his painting and especially his shields are really great, have a look at his website. I am bringing my Skraelings and Viking war bands. 

The 92nd, Gordon Highlanders

02 October 2012

Salamanca Summer Challenge Fini

I have had this stand finished for a few days now, I did some touch up on the base this morning and took some photos. And there we have it. I am really happy to get it done as I had lost interest in the whole project pretty soon in to it. It is lucky I am a completist (someone called me this in the comments on one of my posts), as it never would have got done.