02 October 2012

Salamanca Summer Challenge Fini

I have had this stand finished for a few days now, I did some touch up on the base this morning and took some photos. And there we have it. I am really happy to get it done as I had lost interest in the whole project pretty soon in to it. It is lucky I am a completist (someone called me this in the comments on one of my posts), as it never would have got done.

This project told me that gaming is more important to me then figure painting. This is not to say that I do not like painting, I love it. But I enjoy it because I want to see my armies grow. I still have not figured out what I will do with this stand from a gaming perspective. 

Although my posts have been few recently, it has been non stop. I just finished my British army reorganisation and will finish the bases on a new unit that I have just completed to add to this army today. Should be able to post some photos tomorrow. Also getting ready for a big gaming weekend in Montreal. I am going up Friday, SAGA on Saturday and a Peninsular War game on Sunday. All very exciting.

Anyway here we have Baron Larrey, Surgeon General of Napoleon's Imperial Guard at Waterloo. Here we see him behind the lines directing an ambulance. The ambulance has made it's way along a dried stream. Behind Larrey is a medic tending to a wounded grenadier.

I took some liberties with the ambulance driver as has been previous pointed out in respect to his shako, but I like it so we will keep it as is.

Anyway here are a few more photos.



  1. Lovely work. Really, really like it!

  2. What a great scene, great figures and they're very well painted to boot!

  3. Beautiful work, John. Your preserverance really paid off.

  4. Excellent, John!

    It has overtones of that famous painting by Lejeune of the Battle of Borodino with Larrey tending the wounded in the foreground beside the road.


  5. Very nice job. I know what you mean I find it hard to stay focused on painting up 'background' figures rather than combatants...

  6. Hi John,

    I am impressed by the terraining.
    To this level I rather call this terraforming.

    Great job !

  7. Great vignette, John. Besides, how could one of our profession NOT have an ambulance in their collection, eh? I painted my Minifigs ambulance back in college, when applying to medical school was only one of many possible options. I use mine when the rules result in a commander casualty, whether killed or merely "hors de combat"; the general in question is replaced by the ambulance, creating a good photo opp! :-)

    The gent attending the casulty must be an oficer to be wearing the blue coat; IIRC, the enlisted men of the "service du sante" had bown coats faced red.


  8. Thank you gentleman.

    Thanks Peter. I actually called the fellow a corpsman in the initial write up, but then went for the term medic as I was not sure, in British slang a doctor is called a "medic". I might of actually painted the coat brown if I had that bit of information. I really just went by the photos on the Warlord Games sight.


  9. Hi John, that's a superb wee scene!!!