22 July 2012

Another Non-Wargaming Post!

First an apology to my internet wargaming friends for doing another non-wargaming post, I try to limit these to 1-2 per year, which I suppose is not unreasonable. But I was asked by a couple of you for some photos, so I said why not.

03 July 2012

Feldbattalion Osnabrück (Duke of York's)

Here we have the first battalion in the Hanoverian order of battle: FB Osnabrück sometimes referred to the Duke of York's battalion. They fielded 632 men at Waterloo under Major, the Baron Bülow.
These are Victrix figures with the Hanoverian metal heads and back packs. They were again assembled by Lord Hill. I will not go into it, but bonding the metal heads to the plastic bodies gave both myself and Martin quite a lot of trouble, and I would not recommend purchasing them. I am sure in their first outing, half of them will end up headless! These were painted in the last week.

01 July 2012

Feldbattalion Bremen

Next up, as promised, is FB Bremen. These are Perry figures and are quite distinct for their caps and their blue trousers, although most references appear to support shakos rather then caps.