22 July 2012

Another Non-Wargaming Post!

First an apology to my internet wargaming friends for doing another non-wargaming post, I try to limit these to 1-2 per year, which I suppose is not unreasonable. But I was asked by a couple of you for some photos, so I said why not.

Myself and my wife Jennifer have just got back from 2 week Italian vacation. We had a great time but it was very hot. As some of you know, our vacation plans initially were envisioned as a trek through the Austrian or Swiss Alps. We usually travel in the late winter or fall, neither of us are big into heat, but we decided this year to go in the summer as our 16 year old daughter was in Ecuador for a month. Our 19 year old son Simon could of course look after himself (which he appears to have done so as there was case after case of empties on the back porch despite protestations that he never had more then 4-5 friends in for the whole 16 days). Somehow or other, however, this morphed into a plan to spend some time in Verona attending the opera and then a walking trip across the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Well it never dropped below 33 (90) and hit 39 (100) degrees one day in Capri!

Despite this we did get quite a bit of walking in, lots of swimming in the Tyrrhenian Sea as well as drinking many, many drinks and a 4 kg weight gain! Well on to some holiday snaps.

Starting off at Logan
Piazza di Signori in Verona
Rio Adige, Verona
Trans Dolimite Highway (more scary then the Amalfi Coast to drive)
House of Titian in Pieve de Cadore (South Tyrol)
Verdi's Aïda in the Verona Arena
An aprés opéra dinner
Why I love Rome
Night in Amalfi
Another dead soldier, but an excellent one!
Villa Cimbrone in Ravello
View from Hotel Pastea in Positano
The highlight of the trip for my wife: Dinner at La Sponda in the Hotel Sireneuse  
Hmm..this looks like it is going to cost me!
Hotel Gatto Bianca in Capri
The aforementioned Gatto
Going through the Faraglioni in a 7 m boat in 2 meter seas off Capri..Fun!
The famous Ristorante da Paolino in Capri (almost have hit the 4kg mark by now)
Rubbing the Sphinx's Arse at the Villa San Michele
Capri from Anacapri


  1. Beautiful pictures - Looks like you had a fabulous time!

  2. I feel real envy. Great holiday break indeed

  3. Great pics, Italy is a beautiful place and then you've got all them pasta dishes, nice one!

  4. Thanks for sharing the great looking pics. Glad you had a good time.

  5. Looks like great fun John,
    Great pics!

  6. Looks fantastic - what holidays are all about, enjoying the weight gain ;-)

  7. Great Pictures... Beautiful country, great food and very nice wife :)
    Obviously is my country


  8. Thanks guys it was a nice trip.

    Skordly, my wife is Italian!


  9. Nice pics, looks like you had a great time.

  10. Looks like a fantastic (and expensive) time John.

  11. Looks like one marvelous time you had there!

    BTW: The Trans Dolimite Highway is supposed to be one of the 10 nicest driving roads world wide... at least for petrol heads like me! :-D

  12. Just got back from the Amalfi coast myself! Lovely part of the world, Murat did rather well to be gifted the Kingdom of Naples.
    Glad you enjoyed yourselves,