29 June 2013

Back to Dux

Saxons to the left and British to the right
I have been really slow to photograph figures, mostly I think because I find it a real challenge to take good photos. I have a new camera, but you have to know how to use it. I have learned to recognise what some of the problems are, but am still working on it. I would love to get to a point where I just have to crop the photos and do nothing else. I did buy some daylight bulbs and usually use two swan neck lamps with as much ambient light as possible. My gaming table is just under 3 skylights so ambient light is usually not a problem. I actually had to increase the contrast in these photos as they were too light. I always appreciate any comments on how to improve. A few months ago Curt of Analogue Hobbies explained to me the problems I was having with the temperature, it was just an enormous help.

16 June 2013

A New Wargaming Period

About 6 months ago Iannick got me in a weak moment and convinced me to build an army for a new period: Ancients. He had even ordered the War and Conquest rulebook for me! I try to be a man of my word, so after a bit of research and one false start, I settled on the New Kingdom Egyptians. I knew that Iannick was building a Canaanite army, and was focussed on the period of 1800-1500 BC (the start of the NKE era)

15 June 2013

A New Scale

I really have been quite excited by the new set of rules coming this summer from Too Fat Lardies: Chain of Command. This is a platoon based skirmish game where the smallest tactical unit is the infantry team. It really looks like an exciting game which takes 1-2 hours to play. Richard Clarke has done a series of 3 videos which outline the gameplay, well worth watching, it certainly hooked me. There are also another 3 videos which act as an introduction to the game.

07 June 2013

IR18, the 3rd West Prussian Regiment

Well the basing is all done and finally I can move on.

I have had 2 battalions of Prussian Fusiliers on the table for almost 2 months, so I will present them first.

The F/IR18 completes my second complete Prussian regiment for the 1815 OB, the 3rd West Prussian or IR18. These are Perry figures, mostly plastics, but with the metal Prussian Fusilier set of command figures as well as knapsacks with the correct sword. I must of learned how to glue plastic to metal as this was a bit smoother then the Hanoverians.