10 October 2012

Photos de Montréal

I thought I would post a few images from my past gaming weekend in Montréal. Unfortunately, I could not control the lighting and I was using an iPhone, so the photos are not great. I am suspect both Nicolas and Iannick will be posting AAR's on their blogs, they were both using cameras, so I am hoping for better photos.

On Saturday I went to Nicolas's apartement in Le Plateau. He has recently moved from France and is quite a keen gamer. We have a common interest in SAGA and Napoleonics, so we were both very keen to try out SAGA. We have not been able to entice Iannick or Gabriel yet, so there was just two of us and we had a great time. What a brilliant game! Watch Nicolas's blog Nowhere to Lead Soldiers for a AAR.

My Vikings

Viking versus Anglo-Danes

Skraelings attacking Viking settlement in L'Anse aux Meadows

On Sunday we all met at Chez Martin in St Laurent to tackle the Busaco Ridge. Unlike our previous games we used Piquet Field of Battle. These are nice rules with card activation and a simple combat resolution mechanism. The game did not go as well as we hoped, as I was the only one really familiar with the rules (or at least having a rulebook). We got the movement and combat down pretty quickly, but unfortunately I screwed up the rules for terrain which left us with a very lopsided game. Two lessons were learned: more than one person needs the rulebook and longterm we believe we need to settle on one set of rules. Anyway I am sure Iannick will have more on his blog Clash of Empires. I feel enormously lucky to have met such great fellow gamers, we have another weekend planned in November, so stay tuned.

Anglo-Portuguese to the left

Nicolas overseeing the defense

Les frères Martin plotting the attack

The Anglo-Portuguese defense

L'attaque française



  1. Nice to see the minis and the actual real size generals on those pictures.
    The Martin Brothers look to be really into it :-)
    Well they were... They crushed us !

  2. Looks like you guys had fun! :D

  3. Glad you had such a great time, John. Both of the games looked excellent. In regards to your Piquet experience, I've found it often better to have a GM for most games as it really helps to keep things clear and the scenario rattling along.

  4. I find Field of Battle to be very easy to teach, but at this point I understand the rules extremely well, after having played and run so many games. In any event, the things that you screw up in one game you usually remember pretty well in the next! :-)

    You should be getting your copy of the 2nd edition shortly, John. I got notification from Brent that mine shipped today. THe changes improve and speed up the gamke overall, but don't change the core play of the game in any substantial way.

    One issue with the Bussaco scenario is that it is almost all infantry - no cavalry, and just a single battery on each side. Makes sense given the situation and terrain, but it is somewhat limiting...

  5. It was a fun day for sure!

    And we got our revenge!! ;-)

  6. Lovely looking figs - more close-ups please!