30 October 2012

FeldBattalion Lüneberg

This is the last battalion needed to complete the 1st Hanoverian Brigade at Waterloo.
The battalion fielded 617 men and officers at Waterloo under Lt Col Von Klencke. You can see the rest of my Hanoverian brigade in the background.

All Perry figures with Von Klencke coming from the Perry mounted Rifles commanders set. I suspect that Von Klencke wore a standard red officers uniform, but I decided to use green uniformed officers for the two battalions that wore light infantry uniforms in rifleman green. The Centjours site does conjecture that they wore green.
I have ran out of standards for the Hanoverians, so I decided not to have a flag for this unit, it is after all a nominal light battalion, so very unlikely it had a standard.
Well all is left is two companies of Kielmansegge jaegers, but I am still waiting for those to be manufactured. Word is though that they will be available soon.

I should say that this is my 48th post for the year, my previous maximum was 47, and there is still two months to go. So a pretty good year.

Next up for Napoleonics is a completely new army. I have almost completed the first battalion for the Corps. This is an army I have wanted to do for some time, so I am quite excited about it. Anyone want to take a guess. I have already given you a clue.



  1. Very nice! A colorful batallion, great work!

  2. Hi John,

    A glorious unit indeed. This brigade looks just fine.
    Though I recall that Victor Hugo tells in Les Misérables that the Marius father, who was a cuirassier in Brigade Dubois at Waterloo, steals its colours to the bataillon of Luneburg and presents it to the Emperor. I don't know about Hugo's veracity, but he gave a vivid description of the battle, and this bataillon could well deserve colours just for the sake of stealing it.
    For the quizz now, I would answer Braunschweig...

  3. Lovely work John! I really like how the green 'pops' on these fellows.

    Hmm, Brunswickers for your next foray?

  4. They look fantastic!

    How about some Russians next?

  5. Thanks, the green sure does pop.

    Nicolas, I am starting to recall something about Dubois's Bde and La Haie Sainte, and some Lunebergers.

    Yes Curt, I must of told you!


  6. More great work John! That's a good looking brigade.

  7. Really like them! A nice colourful unit for a colourful brigade! Hope they do you pround on the table!

  8. Fantastic looking unit John. Nice work. The Allied army at waterloo realy is a nice looking army isn't it.

  9. Hi John

    It must be a very satisfying feeling having the entire Hanovarian brigade completed. That's quite an achievement!


  10. A lovely looking unit John.

    As dhcwargamesblog noted, the Allied Army at Waterloo was a colourful mob. It's a shame, purely from a wargaming perspective, that it only existed for that brief campaign!

  11. Looking good! Joe is working on the OOB for Quatre Bras, but I'll need to do some troops myself to get us to Ligny and Waterloo as well.

  12. A beautiful unit, love the green. Carrying on for the Waterloo period, its gotta be Dutch/Belgians next on the list??

  13. Great work here John. Very colourful!

  14. Very nice painting and basing. The Perry-miniatures really do look great too.