01 November 2012

More Vikings

The great things about skirmish figures is that the units are small and I find them quick to paint. Over the last couple of weeks I have managed to fit in another 16 figures between the Napoleonics.

These are the last two points for my Viking Warband, I now have 6 points of Vikings, the standard sized Warband for SAGA. All Gripping Beast figures.
First up is another Hearthguard unit, here I used the Jomsvikings pack, these are great looking figures, and I really enjoyed painting them. I attempted a more complex cloth pattern then previous. I am not really sure though if I will play them as Jomsvikings.
My last unit is the levy for the Vikings, the unit is bow armed. I am looking forward to see how they do against the Skraelings.
Here we have all 6 points, I have to say I really enjoyed painting something different then Napoleonics.
There has been a lot of action on the SAGA front with multiple new Warbands and a new supplement coming out in November. I hope to paint one more Warband, this time with mounted figures, so many choices now......it is going to be difficult.

In the interim, though I have a new Warlord for SAGA on the painting desk. Anyone want to make a guess?



  1. lovely Jomsvikings, like the bowmen too

    -- Allan

  2. Nice painting John, a nice little touch adding the patterns to the figures clothes, as for the leader figure, its probably the one I'm painting up now!!

  3. Very nice warband! I guess that your next warlord has to be someone mounted, William the B, perhaps?

  4. These are very nice John..

  5. Great work, John. Those Jomsvikings turned out very nicely. Hey, don't I still need a viking from you from the last Painting Challenge? We'll have to discuss this matter over a glass of wine next week.

  6. Lovely work John, much better than Ray's!

  7. Very nicely painted Vikings !

    Love the heatguard !

    Best regards Michael