11 September 2012

Salamanca Summer Challenge Step 3

I finally got around to putting a bit more paint on these figures. I have multiple other projects ongoing so these have been on the back of the painting table being pushed back by my SAGA project (thankfully just finished today), my British re-organization which has required painting a dozen new figures as well as re-terraining multiple bases, my ongoing Hanoverian brigade and organizing a scenario for my upcoming game in Montreal.

Since my last post, I have added the white and the gold as well as finished off the horse furniture with various shades of brown. Not much you can say about white.
The ambulance driver is pure conjecture, but I decided to go with red and white as the basic theme, sort of a medical theme, one could say!
For the gold I use a Vallejo alcohol based paint. It is a bit tricky to work with and it is hard to use it on fine detail as it runs. But nothing I have used gives the luminescence and warmth of this paint. This is the red-gold.
I have to back paint quite a bit of the blue and red after the gold is applied. I apply the darkest AP and then brush off as much as I can.
I would have liked the N to have came out a little better. Maybe I can highlight it after the matt varnish is applied. I will also need to re-highlight the blue and white.

Well I have the ambulance to do and the base, I will have one more in process post then I will be done. Back to basing I suppose.



  1. Nice painting and a great set of figures. I've not seen these ones before.

  2. Looking good! The only thing that feels slightly wrong to me is the white trim on the ambulance drivers shako, but that is rather a gut feling than anything historical!

  3. They are looking great, John. I think I have a source on the uniforms of the ambulance drivers... If I find it I'll pass it along for your interest.

  4. There can't be enough medical staff on the table-tops out there.

    Brilliant little entry!

  5. Nicely done - adds a lot of character to the tabletop!