06 July 2011

Somewhere in les Monts des Ksours (Tunisia Early 1943)

This will be my initial stab at a North African scenario, which involves advance elements of the 8th Army and the LRDG searching for an oasis just south of Matmâta Hills. This is a small fictional action that takes place within the larger action of the Allied attempts to flank the Mareth Line.

The game will be played using the Rapid Fire rules on a 4x6' terrain. I have tried to keep the scenario simple and will not use any artillery observers (medium mortars do not require any) or heavy artillery in this scenario. I will probably use some of the advanced rules (already have night rules in the scenario). Aside from the Indian battalion and some of the British vehicles, I am all done, so I should have lots of time to focus on the terrain and learning the rules. The basic scenario and OB follow (double click and it will be readable and a right click will download it).
I would appreciate any help from any of you WWII gamers with the scenario or the OB. This stuff is completely new to me and there is a lot to learn.



  1. I've been trekking in Matmata Hills - not a lot there. Hills. Sand. Some scrub. It was December and pretty chilly at night.

  2. I like the scenario, John. Nice and simple. If you want something to help set the mood for the topic pick up Steven Pressfield's 'Killing Rommel'. A great read.

  3. Wating to see your AAR!