15 December 2011

Some Prussians

Adolf Northen
Finally got around to painting some troops, getting them photographed and uploaded them to the blog. The last Napoleonics I painted were some French Carabiniers back in March. Now back though and have painted several battalions over the last couple of months. I am planning to do the Warhammer twelve scenario Waterloo campaign over the next two and half years, hoping to finish by June 2015. Not sure about the ruleset yet, but I liked what I have seen so far with the Warhammer Waterloo rules. 

It was nice to get back to the colourful uniforms. It is was really great to do some Calpe figures which I suspect will make up the bulk of my Prussian army with some Perrys thrown in. Most of the units are from the II and IV Corps, my criteria for choice was not to build brigades but more to paint a variety facings and shoulder straps colours!

I have mostly used the Cent Jours Waterloo website as a reference for the OB and the uniforms, despite having all the Summerfield and Osprey books, it really is an great reference.

1/IR15, the 4th Regiment of Silesia formerly RIR3

First up is some Perrys, these are from the plastic box set, quite nice, but really not as much fun as the Calpe. Nice yellow facings with some jagers out front. Nice light blue shoulder straps. Unfortunately there are no flags for the former reserve regiments I believe that this flag is for the 1st Regiment of Silesia and is from Flagdude. There is no way that I could do without a flag.
1/IR25, the 3rd Regiment of the Rhine formerly Lutzow's Freikorps

I had 12 figures painted previously and had to add 12 more of these great Calpes. I have kept them in their black Litewka. There was no way my Prussians were going to be all blue. This is a GMB flag, one of the few I have that has not faded.

1/IR18, the 1st Regiment of Westphalia formerly RIR6

Some more Perrys, this time with pink facings and white shoulder straps. The colour of the shoulder straps denote the position of the regiment in the province. Decided to go with an 1813 Westphalian standard for this unit.
6th Uhlans, formerly Lutzows Hussars

Another resurrected unit painted a couple of years ago. I have rebased them and added a couple of lances, I am not much into modifying figures, but these look OK from a distance. Still waiting for the pennons.
3/IR2, 1st Regiment of Pomerania

Fantastic Calpe fusilier figures, I threw in a few figures with caps to break things up. I did find it a challenge to paint the white circles on the shako covers, a distinguishing mark of a fusilier battalion. Of course, fusilier battalions did not carry flags, but mine do!
1/5th Landwehr Regiment of Westphalia

This was my favourite unit to paint, love the Calpe Landwehr, the bareheaded figures were especially fun. Green facings, a lot of debate about what colour the shoulder straps would be so I painted them green as well. I used one of the numerous Landwehr flags from the FlagDude.
1/IR23, 2nd Regiment of the Rhine formerly RIR11

Painted a while ago, still in their original reserve uniform at Waterloo. Another FlagDude Landwehr flag.
Well lots more Prussians to come, as the 2nd Annual Winter Painting Challenge is about to start in 5 days, I am going to Montreal to rest up this weekend, so I should be already to paint when I get back.



  1. Very nicely done - I need to give Calpe figures a look


  2. You have been busy, John!

    They're a good looking bunch. Well done!

  3. Very nice, an impressive amount of work there.

  4. A goodly amount of effort there von John. Nice to get some of the good guys done and in the bag!! 8O)

    And being a self confessed Calpe zealot I can't but agree with your comments.

    Merry Christmas.

    von Pter himself

  5. Arrggghhhh ... can't even get my own name right!!


    von Peter himself

  6. Very, very nice, lovely painting.

  7. Very nicely done John,
    QUite a haul of figures you have done in a short time.
    I am envious!

  8. You have been very prolific John - if it wouldn't provoke a messy divorce I'd invest in some Calpe Prussians too seeing the results you have obtained with them!

    Merry Christmas and more power to your painting arm!


  9. Woooow. This is TRUE Prussian army. I like the Freiwilliger jagers attached to the infantry regiments.

  10. Cracking good start you have there, John! Well done - I look forward to what you can get done over the next three months.


  11. RULES WISE I would avoid anything that Warhammer makes - I have LOTHS but it pokey at best - currently I have been toying with Black Powder for napoleonics - i am an old CLS and Empire III player but prefer a tactical sense to the game apso played Republic to Empire which some buddies and I are going to use for the Early Italian campaigns - but try Black Powder its quirky but I like it for a pick up game of Nappys and you dont have to worry about basing/rebasing your units - Check out the Scottish wargame sites on my Blog - V