02 April 2024

Caesar's Camp-Chateau on the Hill


Last Wednesday, myself and Graham got together for our 6th turn in our Caesar's Camp campaign. This was the penultimate turn in our 6 table campaign. It was somewhat of an important table as it was going to decide whether the Germans can gain a minor victory. They will still have a chance on table 6 if they can hold it but it will make things difficult. As Graham had no loses in the first game in the campaign he used that platoon for this game. I also brought in a fresh platoon. This scenario was played as the Attack and Defend scenario from the main book.

 German Defenders-217th Infanterie Regiment (FM8)

2nd Wave Infantry Platoon #1
Senior Leaders
3 squads of 10 men, lead by a JL's, one squad with a MG08/15

Supports 12
3 barbed wire
1 minefield
Extra squad

Scottish Attackers-The Cameron Highlanders (FM10)

British EW Infantry Platoon (A Company)
2 Senior Leaders
2" Mortar Team
3 sections of 11 men, lead by Junior Leaders

Supports 18
MMG team
2" Mortar
Extra section

The Game
I felt Graham got the better of me in the Patrol Phase
As you can see the Germans laid out 3 sets of barbwire anchored by a minefield. Graham was cautious in deployment and I had 2 sections, a MMG team and a 2" mortar on the table in the first couple of phases.
And most importantly the FO
The FO calls up the mortar and requests an aiming shot, followed by the mortars in a 12" square. I wanted to block LOS from the house so I could advance the section on my left flank towards the house. The action got quite heated here so as usual I forgot to take photos. The Germans then got an amazing number of double phases as well as quite a few CoC pips. The section on my left flank got chopped up by a German squad that was deployed behind the hedge on the German right flank. Graham ended the turn to remove the smoke up I was able to keep the mortars going. More German double phases and with these Graham deployed 3 squads on his left flank, ended the turn yet again. I only had 5 pips so was stuck....... 
As you can see my 3 section in the middle were getting pounded and my FM was dropping rapidly. It looked like I had lost the game as I would have to withdraw. I decided to throw my CD one more time. I got a 1, so I called up the mortar a second time and was successful. I got pounded yet again by the Germans, but no double phase for them. I rolled the CD again, another 1 (SL can not activate an FO with a telephone connection, he has to do it himself)......
......I carefully decided where I should place the mortar, I new an aiming shot would be prudent but my centre was about to break, I through caution out and decided to call for HE, I rolled a 9! I caught 3 German squads in the barrage.
and this was the result over the next couple of phases, the Germans were shattered, their FM dropped to 4, and they withdrew from the chateau.

Well that was a very close run thing. I thought I was done for, on to the last game in what has been an up and down campaign.

The Butcher's Bill

Germans Platoon #1 (FM4-6 dead, 3 missing next game)
12 figures lost
CO -2
MO -7 (-1FM)
Outlook Methodical-Now Dangerous

The Camerons Platoon #1/A Company (FM6-4 dead, 2 missing next game)
8 figures lost
CO +1
MO-3 (-1FM)
Outlook Concerned


  1. The barrage saved your day, excellent call by the forward observer, he earned his pay! Nice report and good looking table.

    1. It did, but I was extremely lucky with the 1's when needed.

  2. In hindsight a rookie mistake on my part, in the double phase that I used the CoC dice to end the turn and lift the British mortar barrage, I should have deployed one of the sections in the chateau so that they had cover and LOS over the whole area.
    Good game though John and it was tough not deploying for so many turns.

    1. Well the next game is going to be interesting as you are the attacker and you have the means for a full German assault.