28 April 2024

Back to Pulp Alley

I noticed a few weeks ago that I had not played Pulp Alley for a some time. I really like this ruleset and was getting concerned that I would forget the rules. Myself and my friend PY usually get together Monday nights for a game once or twice a month, and I suggested that we have a game of Pulp Alley.

PA takes some preparation especially in League composition, but I did not have a lot of time so I went my Order of the Jade Dragon league.

I suspect PY was a little pressed as well so he went with his Followers of the Eye league.

PY did set up a really cool table which he 3D printed himself, it must of took ages, but it looked great and I have to say it was ideal for a Pulp Alley game.
PY's league has the ability to add a character at the beginning of the game, which he was successful with so he ended up with 4 characters. He also has the ability to convert one of my characters to a member of his league but was unable to do so in this game.....thankfully.

As usual, I took only 1 photo during the game and this one was about half way through. I believe we played the first scenario from the book, with a major plot point in the centre and 4 minor plot points peripherally.
Well, I really enjoyed playing PA again. I forgot how much fun it was. We had a lot of play of the Fortune Cards back and forth which added quite a lot of drama. I got crushed for 2 reasons, my dice were awful with which you can not do much but I am starting to realise that this league is quite poorly constructed, especially needing some changes in the traits of the Inscrutable Tong. Will have to get some work in on that, my Baker Street league is a little better but I think I will start working on a Venetian league with some of my figures from Carnevale.



  1. Nice Stuff...you can never go wrong with a Pulp game! The maze like terrain looks fantastic too 😍

    1. It was a great terrain, I would like to give it another shot!