08 August 2016

Type B Imperial Japanese Army Rifle Platoon (1941-42)

I have not had a whole lot of time for wargaming activities recently, quite busy at work and getting things organized in the house. I particularly hate the summer, so f...ing hot, it really makes me quite lethargic!

While in Montreal, I did finish off my Type B IJA Rifle platoon for Chain of Command. I had done 2 LMG squadrons and a couple of supports, but I still had the grenade launcher squadron, a 3rd LMG squadron as well as a number of supports to do. I finally got the basing done today and have had a chance to take a few photos.

The force is quite complete, I would like to get a Ha Go Tank, as well as some engineers but that is about it.
A Mixture of Eureka and Warmodelling figures as well as some Waterloo 1815 1/72 Plastics
Warmodelling LMG Squad
Eureka LMG Squad
Mixed Eureka-Warmodelling LMG Squad
Grenade Launcher Squad, Eureka on the sides and Warmodelling in the middle.
Type 97 20mm ATR Team in front, with a Sniper Team, a chappies with a Rifle Grenade and AT Suicide Plunge Mine, Tank Hunter Team and a Type 94 Tankette in the back row from left to right. The Rifle Grenade and Lunge Mine figures are from the Waterloo 1815 Plastic 1/72 plastic range.
From left to right; a Type 92 MMG Team, Type 97 Chi-Ha Medium Tank and a  7cm Type  92 Infantry Gun with a JL from the Waterloo 1815 Range. Little more slender than the metals but no problem mixing in.

The 1941-42 IJA List for CoC
A still have two squads of USMC as well as a Raider squad to paint to complete the opposing army for the IJA, but thankfully they are almost done and should get posted within in the next month.


  1. Lovely army John, and the basing is so effective and blends with your terrain. Japanese are all the rage in Bolt Action currently it seems. I really must take a look at Chain of Command as an alternative.

  2. What a wonderful looking army John, they look splendid, love the bases!

  3. Cracking work John! Your terrain and basework is ace.

    1. Thanks Curt, just trying to get the USMC together

  4. Hi John. I am interested in buying your Dutch Belgians on TMP. I just bought a supporting membership but it appears Bil has yet to set it up so I ca contact you. Please forgive the unrelated post!!

    Michael the
    Bluenoser. Please contact me at mrmjm66@gmail.com