25 January 2013

Dux Britanniarum: Romano British Elites

Here is my 6th submission to the Painting Challenge, and the start of my Romano-British force. All Gripping Beast figures, I got the starter box for Xmas and they are nice figures. I probably could of spent more time selecting figures and I know other manufacturers carry figures for this era. For my SAGA Andalusian warband, I ended up spending hours on the internet and bought them from 3 different manufacturers.

One thing I really enjoyed here is the red and white colour scheme. I started with the elites as I was impatient to do the banner. The first photos are of my Tribune with his standard as well as his two Decurios. I also painted my champion and he is the one running into battle. I was very pleased how they all came out.
I also have painted a unit of Commanipulares. These are the elite fighters of my Romano British force. Happy with how these have come out as well. I used LBMS shield transfers, the shields were all quite different in size so they are all heavily over-painted.
Here they are in the Warbases UK movement stand. The British are allowed to fight in a shield wall, so this is the start.
 A couple of more photos, just 5 more units to go!


  1. Very nice stuff. I especially like the flag!

  2. A fantastic work on those stands, great painting style and flag!

  3. Fantastic John! These are very nice indeed!

  4. Greate looking minis !!!

    best regards Michael

  5. That command stand is very impressive.

  6. John de Terre-Neuve at his best. They look great!