16 January 2013

SAGA:More Skraelings

My fourth submission to The Painting Challenge was these 2 points of Skraeling Warriors. This completes my 6 point Skraeling warband for SAGA.

This time, I decided to do something different, so after the white prime, I airbrushed the figures with Citadel Foundation Tallerin Flesh. The skins were then painted with GW Bleached Bone. Some white, black and colour were then added. The usual AP Darktone dip was then applied. It really worked like a charm, and I maybe spent 15 minutes per figure, aside from the basing.

Two new points

Dark Red Unit

Blue Unit

Six points of Skraelings

They actually saw action this past weekend in a Vinland Saga, I played them against the Viking invaders. Keep tuned to Nowhere to Lead Soldiers for an Action Report.



  1. Really nice for such a quick job.

  2. I have to say... I would never want to play Skrælings, but these almost make me want to! Great work!

  3. Thanks, I actually had great success with them this past weekend. Winning both games I played. We are all novices though, and I actually continuously forgot to use their javelin throwing ability.


  4. Very good looking minis !!!

    best regards Michael

  5. Great looking warband John! 15 minutes, wow. I've only used the dip on vehicles, maybe I'm missing out on something... ;-)

  6. Makes me want to play Skraelings, but without access to the GB Limited Skraeling box, it is nigh impossible. There is no other way to have access to Skraeling's special rules and Battle Board?