27 August 2012


I have been diligently working away on my SAGA figures, but also on those important gaming accruements.

I do plan sometime in the future to build a 4x4' terrain specifically for SAGA, but that is something I can put off for a while. Here are my two 3 point Warbands (to date that is) on my Napoleonic terrain. I bought some ready made spruce and fir trees recently, they certainly give off a more Northern flavour.
Here is a nice hovel from Architects of War. This is their daub and frame house. A very nice item, very easy to paint, although I thought I could have done a better job on the thatch.
Renedra plastic wattle fencing from Architects of War. This is a very nice item and it was easy to paint. Spray white, two coats of GW Devlan Mud, with the posts and wood painted Vallejo Beige Brown. There is 74 (30") cm of fencing in one pack with two gates, well worth $16.
Finally some fatigue markers that I quickly painted up as well as 2 sets of the much desired SAGA die, Viking and Scots I believe. I made my own measuring sticks, the GW Foundation paints have great coverage.

Well, I am hoping to get a game in next month, we will see how it goes. I have just finished painting another point of Vikings, they are waiting for their bases to be terrained. The last unit of Skraelings is primed and should be soon finished.

I foolishly just ordered some Norman die, but have controlled myself from ordering any figures. I believe I will be tempted by the Bretons with some Flemish mercenaries, but we will see.



  1. Well John, this look stupendous ! You really achieved to give your scenery the desired northern atmosphere. The building and fences really nail it as an Outpost.
    I also kind of enjoy the retreating napoleonian army in the background of the third picture... It reminds me of our last victory. Great pics anyway, I can really picture how the Skraelings will drive the nasty Vikings off Vineland.

  2. The table looks awesome. I picked up a Welsh warband that I need to go about painting soon.

    I do recommend the Normans (since you've got the dice!). They're a lot of fun to play and the games tend to be very quick. One either wins or looses quick with Normies!

    Well done!

  3. Lovely work, John! I agree with Miles in that Normans are a good army to have in the wings. They are very hard hitting but can be brittle. Great fun to run.

  4. Thanks, Nicolas. Hopefully they will see some action soon.

    Miles and Curt, do you think that the Bretons will be much different then the Normans, I really have not figured out the nuances of the battle boards yet, they do seem similarly composed.


  5. Realy good looking gaming table !