18 March 2023


We played our first game of Infamy Infamy a little under 2 weeks ago. PY had just finished painting up some Romans, I believe he has had the Germanic Tribes painted for some time. Fantastic figures as usual on a very nice terrain. 
I played the Germanic Tribes while PY played the Romans. It has been some time since the game so I do not remember the exact composition of the units but I believe they were standard war bands taken from the book. I was the attacker which was a bit weird as the the layout was clearly rural (where I suppose the Romans would be the attackers). The scenario was generated according to the rules in the book, essentially the Germans were attacking the village and had to burn the crop fields. They were coming from the right in the above photo, while the Romans were coming from the left. A number of Ambush points were set up in the game from which I could deploy. I have to admit being a little confused by this process but I had not had an opportunity to have a look at the rulebook before the game. We each had 3-4 units of troops with several leaders. We had one group of missile troops each.
The main Roman group with 3 units and 2 leaders.
The Germans
The Romans coming into attack my Germans, I tried to split their targets by sending in a single unit of warriors. The green dice represent barbarian Fervour. 
Roman Slingers


Germanic archers and infantry

I was able to set the fields alight and get off the board, the victory conditions for attackers. So a Barbarian victory.

Well it was an interesting game, we made quite a few mistakes and I have to admit that I was a little surprised how different it was from Sharp Practice. On the surface, the rulesets appear quite similar but some of the mechanisms were quite different. I enjoyed the game but before I play the next I definitely ned to have a good look at the book and find a good QRS!

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