02 July 2022

Some 3D Printed Finns


I have had these figures on the painting table for over a year now, they were 3/4 finished but just seemed to languish there. My first retirement project was to move them off.

They are all 3D prints from Just Some Miniatures, they really are fantastic figures. I would have liked to print them in 28 mm but I game in 20 mm. My present Finns are all metals from Warmodelling and Eureka and these were an excellent match scaled down proportionally unlike the Soviets I had printed. I am not 100% sure but I scaled at either 70-72%. These figures are from the Jakarta, Finnish Officers, and LMG packs. I think the only figure I did not print was the figure with the Molotov, I already have too many of those. Looking back I might of missed one of the officers as well. I would have liked to see more NCO's Officers with rifles, as well as a figure with a MP-18 but that is about it. As you will see I finally got a figure with Lahti-Saloranta M/26 LMG, until now all my Finns had been armed with DP-28's

All my Finns are in all white so I continued with that theme. 
From left to right: LMG team, JL, Rifle team and SMG team.
Warmodelling on the right
I got a bit out of control printing the SMG's, there is also a figure with a MP40 as well as another leader.

I also had some Russian guns that I had to finish up as you can see.
M1942 45mm ATG and M1936 76mm Divisional Gun

I should note that Propylene F. has added many more figures to his Finnish range, including some cooks, a flamethrower team, interchangeable infantry, skiers, ATG crews etc. etc. He also has a Soviet range as well as a Polish range. I am hoping he will do a Norwegian range soon. Finally I should note that he has a very interesting kickstarter with Finnish transports that finished up within the next 24 hours.

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