26 June 2022

More 6mm Terrain and French AFV's

I am hoping soon to play some more "O" Group in 6mm, and while waiting for an EW Western Front Supplement to come out I thought I would have a go at some EW Western Front games from the TFL "O" Group Fall of France supplement.

I have lots of EW German AFV's but I thought I would add some French vehicles. Most of the vehicles, I found for free on Thingiverse so I decided to save some money and go with 3D prints on my cheap resin printer. It does not do a great job and cannon are quite a challenge but they do come out good enough for wargaming. I had a look through the supplement to see what I needed, I could not find everything but what  was found should be good enough to start working through the scenarios in the book.
There are:
2 Char Bis
2 Souma S35
3 Renault R35
4 Hotchkiss K39
3 Panhards
6 Laffly Trucks
2 Renault UE

I am happy with them and I am sure they will do good service on the table.

I also painted up a 2-3 BUA town base (I am using cm rather than inches) from Commission-Figurines. Nice how it came out but screwed up the assembly on one of the houses, but a very nice pdf model.

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