30 November 2023



Finally I have caught up, with a report from a week ago when myself and Antoine got together at my place for our second game of Carnevale. We decided again to play a scenario from the main rule book, called Acquisition. We both had 75 Ducat factions.

Blood Crone
Common Strigoi
Strigoi Priest

The Guild
2 Citizens

I did not take a lot of photos, but here are 3.

Terrain overview, I started in the lower right with Antoine starting in the upper left.
Most of the action centred on this bridge as well as the adjacent canal
This was an interesting melee.

It was another fun game, Antoine definitely had to coach me along again but maybe a little less. The Agendas certainly add a nice element to the game. I liked also that we could capture objectives and move away with them to try to protect them from the opposing faction. There is still a lot to learn, especially all the spell combinations. My faction seemed to have some synergy and I was lucky to win the game 5-3 points. Hopefully our next game might not be too far into the future.

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  1. Such a pretty game. I've looked into it a few times but the highly specialized scenery keeps me away.