06 December 2023

New Troops for GdA2

About a year ago I decided to add to my Napoleonic collection of AB figures. Some of us in the  Montreal Historical Wargaming Club became interested in the 1813 campaign put out by David Brown for Général d'Armee. With GdA2 coming out, I was hoping to get everything in place for it's launch. I have no real interest painting 18mm figures, so I engaged 2 painters who I have used in the past. I was starting from scratch for both the required Russian and Prussian armies.

For the cavalry and generals, I had decided to go with Old Guard Painting in the Ukraine. As you can imagine there were going to be some difficulties with getting work done in the Ukraine but after a back and forth with Vladimir, I decided to go ahead. The painters with Old Guard do a superb job and of all the painting companies, I have worked with they are the most accurate by far in respect to uniformology with no input required by myself. Quite a bit more expensive than the Asian painters but well worth it.

For the infantry, I went with Fernando in Sri Lanka, they have a very good price and had painted a Union ACW army for me some time ago. This was going to be a lot more work for me as they need a lot of direction and back and forth requires a lot of my time. I felt though that the Russian and Prussian uniforms are pretty simple and that would probably work. I am not a button counter and to be honest at 18mm for wargaming purposes, things do not have to be exact. In respect to Russian infantry there are minimal uniform distinctions between different units, so that would be easy enough. For the Prussians, the main difference is the colour of the collars and cuffs for different units so I asked them to paint them all white. My plan was to add the specific colours myself. So this required a bit of work on my behalf.

It took about 3 months to get 750 infantry figures done in Sri Lanka, which is pretty good. The mounted figures took much longer, maybe almost 11 months to get 140 figures done. I am not really sure how Vladimir was able to do with the power outages and the war. But he did get it done. I based all the figures myself as well as adding the flags (I really miss Flag Dude). 
Here are a few photos, I did not bother to photograph individual units as there are over 900 figures. I am quite happy with how things came out.
The Orders of Battle can be seen in the left side bar. My friend Graham has been also been painting up a Prussian AB army, which I believe is slight bigger than my own, so we should be all set for the 1813 campaign when GdA2 is released. Hopefully we will see the start sometime in January/February. Now I just need to find some Austrians in case they show up in the final scenario.....................