28 November 2023

What a Cowboy- High Noon

Last Sunday myself and Graham got together at the Abyss for a game of What a Cowboy. As this was only Graham's only second game I decided to go with the High Noon scenario from the rulebook as well as 4 characters per side with 2 gunslingers and 2 shootists each. Each side had a character with a Shotgun and a Winchester. I also find it a little simpler to not have a lot of buildings (not that I have any), so the game was set up in the desert. There was lot of cover though as well as the ability to get in an elevated position.

Well, unfortunately it was a very lopsided game. Graham had the worst dice throwing I have seen in sometime. That is just how it goes sometimes. Not withstanding, the game did go very smoothly with really nothing but very brief pauses to check something in the rulebook. It really is quite a well written rulebook, and a fun game. I am confident that Graham will play again.

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