29 November 2023

Dracula's America


A little over a week ago myself, Luis and Korrigan gathered at Luis's place for my second game of Dracula's America. This would be the first time my figures would see the table so I was looking forward to the game with some anticipation.

I believe we each played with a base Posse of 7 figures; Luis played the Skinwalker Tribes, Korrigan the Dark Confederacy and myself the Twilight Order. We all had interesting add-ons either through the Summon ability or Hired Guns. I am not sure what exactly everyone had but Luis was able to change a couple of his figures into monsters, Korrigan had a Shade which was able to summon Revenants and I had a Seraphim.

Luis had set up a very nice Western table with plenty of buildings, no swamp this time. This made it quite a bit easier for me to play the game as movement was much less complicated and I could focus more on the base mechanics of the game. I appreciated Luis doing this.

A lot happened during the game so I can really not put together an accurate report but here are some photos.

Overview of the terrain, I started in the foreground while Korrigan started on the left with Luis on the right.
I deployed my Posse in 2 groups.
My Hired Gun was useless, as an Eldritch Investigator.
The approaching Dark Confederacy
Luis's Skinwalkers who actually appear to be Mexicans!
I found this multiple combat quite different in how it is played, there were a lot of somewhat unusual mechanics, like the ability to shoot into it by uninvolved characters. I also never was sure who were the involved figures. Maybe a little complicated for a simplistic set of rules. But I suspect it was me.

I am not sure how many turns we played and the game ended a little earlier than planned so there was no winner. I can say that the game was quite good in that I have a much better grasp of the rules than I had going into the game.

The ruleset is cool and I like the background, the game is quite different than what I have played in the past except for maybe SAGA. This is definitely not a simulation but a game, I suppose that should be self evident as it is Alternate History. I came to appreciate that the mechanics were quite simple and at times one could say simplistic in their application. This is quite novel for me, as certainly most games I play are simulations of historical battles and thus have realistic mechanisms. Certainly, Dracula's America is not that. I have always looked at SAGA as a game as well but with some replication of Dark Age tactics. It is interesting that I have picked up 2 games in the past couple of months that are pure games, but I can say that I enjoy playing them both. My next post will be on my second game of Carnevale, indeed another game but with quite a bit more depth and complexity.

Thanks for hosting the game Luis and the pizza and to Korrigan for joining in.

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  1. I too am finding I am preferring "games" to "simulations" at the moment although in my opinion they are all really just games, some just have more complicated mechanisms to try and recreate a semblance of what might actually happen in real life!