25 February 2024

Dracula's America-Swamp Ambush


Last Sunday, myself and my friend Luis started our much anticipated campaign for Dracula's America. Luis has been playing DA for a while and I have had 3 previous games, so we felt we were all set. We are taking the campaign from the main rulebook but with added rules and characters from Forbidden Powers source book. We pretty well stuck to the RAW, although we did add some restrictions that I will discuss at the end of this post.

We decided on the basic posse construction with 1 veteran and 5 novices, with a $30 purse each, I went with my Nephilim and Luis's Cultists. We played the Swamp Ambush scenario from the Forbidden Powers book.

Nephilim (Twilight Order)

Astaroth-Veteran (Archanist, Heavy Pistol)

Bartleby-Novice (Nerves of Steel, Sixgun, Silver Bullets, Boilerplate)

Loki-Novice (Nerves of Steel, Sixgun, Silver Bullets, Boilerplate)

Azrael-Novice (Rifle)

Metatron-Novice (Pistol)

Uzza-Novice (Pistol)

Red Cultists (Crossroads Cult)

The Magister-Veteran (Archanist, Resistance, pistol)

The Harbinger -Novice (Flying, Summon Arcane Power, pistol)

Mister S-Novice (carbine)

Mister B-Novice (pistol)

Mister W-Novice (repeater)

Mister L-Novice (2 pistols)

On to some game photos:

Excellent terrain as usual by Luis
Some great cards made for me by Luis
Close up
I do not remember the details but, I won the game by a point but a big part of the game is the post game advancement. I believe Luis won this as you can see below. To summarise, I was able to kill 3 of the swamp creatures and 2 of Luis's characters. Luis killed once creature and two of my characters. Luis though scored a real victory in the post game as he had an event where he joined in a Swamp Ritual and ended up gaining a EXP point for each of his characters. We were able to revive all our characters but Luis was also able to advance a character to veteran. Two of my novices gained skills which was good. The below rosters refer to our post game states, before we expend funds before our next game.

Anyway I can say I had a great time with the game, Luis laid out an excellent terrain and I am quite looking forward to our next game.


  1. First rate table and play aids. The rules benefit from both. Your after game will make the next game be exciting.