04 March 2024

Local and Main Force Viet Cong


I have been recently adding to my slowly growing Vietnam 28mm figure collection. I had already painted up some Rubicon VC and USMC. I put together some VC over the last month but I also had received some STL's from the Gunslinger SOG kickstarter. They printed out quite well on my resin printer, they are the same height as the Rubicon figures but slighter in build.

Main Force Viet Cong (Gunslinger SOG)

From what I have read the Main Force VC were dressed in quite a variety of uniforms, obtained from several sources, including the PAVN.

Local Force Viet Cong (Rubicon)

Went with the basic black pyjamas for this squad.

Next up some more USMC.

Quite a variety of weaponry
Now if I could only find a ruleset.

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  1. Beautiful miniatures, beautiful paint work.