18 February 2024

Chindits vs the IJA-CoC Test Game

I got together with my friend Pierre-Yves, this past Tuesday to have a game of Chain of Command. We had not played since November due to a couple of unfortunate cancellations. We were testing both the scenario for our club's Gamesday on February 17 that PY is putting on and some new jungle movement rules that Truscott Trotter put together.

We played the delaying action scenario, with myself playing the defending Chindits and PY playing the Attacking IJA. The lists are taken from the 2014 TFL Summer Special.  Supports were fixed. 

First Expedition Platoon
2 SL's with 2 riflemen
Four Sections of 2 teams with a JL
Boys ATR team
2" Mortar
Two entrenchments

2 SL's
Three Rifle sections with 2 teams and JL
Knee Mortar section with 3 teams and JL
Flamethrower Team
Type 94 Lorry
Type 94 Te Ke Tankette

We both started with a FM of 9, with PY having the first phase. 

The game was not only a test for the scenario but also for the some Hidden Movement Rules for jungles, they were as follows.
They still need some work but we are getting there.

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