22 September 2023

SAGA AoI: Saxons vs Goths

Myself and PY got together at his place for a game of SAGA, it had been almost 2 months since we last gamed so we were both looking forward to it. We decided to have an Age of Invasions game.

Goths-6 Saga Dice

Theodoric, King of the Visigoths
2 1/2 points of Warriors
2 1/2 points of Mounted Hearthguard

Saxons-6 Saga Dice

2 1/2 points of Warriors
2 1/2 points of Hearthguard


Unknown Lands
Refused Flank
Under Pressure
Forced March

The Game

View from the Goth side of the table
Goth Mounted Hearthguard
Goth Warriors
The Saxon line from their left flank. Hearthguard placed in solid cover with the Warlord and his Champion just behind them. There is a unit of warriors further to the left and another unit of Warriors and a unit of supporting Hearthguard to their right.
PY sends his mounted Hearthguard to his left in an attempt to flank the Saxons, while he sends his 2nd unit straight across the terrain.
The Saxons send their Champion to support the centre.
The Goths send in their HG and they cause some shock on the Saxon Warriors but the Saxon HG are able to enter the fray and exhaust the mounted Goth HG. PY pulls them back.
Now the Saxons have to deal with the rapidly approaching mounted HG on their right flank.
The Saxons pull their warriors to their left while they advance their 2 units of HG to take on a unit of Goth Warriors. The Saxons are able exhaust the Goths but at the cost of 5 HG's.
What will be the next move?
The Goth Riders come in and almost wipe out a unit of Saxon Warriors, they lose one horsemen but the Saxons lose 5 men.
PY pulls them back to his front line.
We are getting near the end of the game, the Goths have lost a unit of warriors, they have lost 4 of their HG. PY decides to capture some Saxon territory so he pulls off his Warlord and Horsemen.
What will the Saxons do, the loses are almost equal.
Unfortunately no photos but the Saxons send in their Champion to attack 4 mounted Goth HG, a seemingly unequal battle but the Saxon BB is stacked. The Champion is killed but takes down 2 further HG. Not enough maybe, but the Saxon Warlord is ready for blood, he wants more severed heads....he enters the fray and kills off the remaining HG. Is it enough? Final points 14-12 in favour of the Saxons, but a draw.

So a fun game ending in a draw. I will look forward to our next game.

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