02 October 2023

Caesar's Camp: The Seaforth at Trois Foetus

Myself and Graham got together at the Abyss yesterday for our second turn in our Caesar's Camp campaign, we both had fresh platoons and Graham had a free Off Table Bunker Buster which fired 12d6 HE and AP. This was rather intimidating to me, with my only option really to litter the table with smoke.

German Defenders-217th Infanterie Regiment (FM10)

2nd Wave Infantry Platoon
2 SL's
3 squads of 10 men, lead by a JL's, one squad with a MG08/15
Off Table Bunker Buster (Flak 36)
2 CoC pips

Supports 6
2 barbed wire
2 minefield

Scottish Attackers-The Seaforth Highlander's (FM8)

British EW Infantry Platoon
2 Senior Leaders
2" Mortar Team
3 sections of 11 men, lead by Junior Leaders

Supports 16
Pregame Barrage
Vickers MMG
2" Mortar Team
Char B1 Bis
Hotchkiss H39


This is Scenario 4 from the main rulebook: The Flank Attack. It is a one off scenario and is not played twice. It has an interesting Patrol Phase, with the attacker having to sets of 3 Patrol Markers.


Here is the table, the fields in the left are contiguous 
Somewhat of an unsatisfactory Patrol Phase with neither side getting the upper hand
I felt the game was well played by both sides. I had to deploy early in order to find out where Graham was going to place the Bunker Buster. At the same time the minute I came into LOS, I knew I would be annihilated. I started with the Char tank and both 2" Mortars. I absolutely covered my approach with smoke, but the Bunker Buster still would not deploy. As usual, I stopped taking photos almost immediately. Graham eventually placed a squad in the stone house facing the east west road. I was able to cover the road with smoke and then brought the Char B1 forward and was slowly able to whittle down the German defenders. Graham ended the turn (he seemed to be able to throw 5's every turn) and the Bunker Buster finally came out, luckily most of my troops were in Hard Cover and despite the HE reducing cover I was able to withstand the bombardment and was able to put down more smoke. The 88 only got one chance to hit the Char and missed by dicing a 4. I was able to take out the German SL and then started to advance my troops in the field from south. With this and the continuously fire from the French Tank, I was able to drop the German FM to a point where they decided to withdraw. A Scots victory!

The Butcher's Bill

CO 0
MO -1
Outlook Cheerful

Scots (-1 on FM rolls)
CO -1
Outlook Thoughtful

The Scots get to use tanks in Scenario 4, the Germans will have to pay for their Off Table MMG in the next scenario. Hopefully we will get to it within 3 weeks.

As an aside, I used the same terrain but with the Attack and Defence scenario as a demonstration game with David and Gabriel to introduce them to CoC. It went well with a very catastrophic combat to finish off the game. As usual, we played the Patrol Phase twice so the new players could get a good sense of it.

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