19 September 2023

SAGA AoM: The Undead Legions vs the Horde


Myself and Luis got together at my place for a game of SAGA, it was the first meet up for us in awhile and it is always good to see Luis. We decided to have an Age of Magic game and I believe it has actually been sometime since I played this Universe. The game was also a couple of firsts for me, it was the first time I have played this warband, but more importantly it was the first time my Revenants have seen the table.They were painted many years ago.

The Undead Legions-7 Saga Dice

Necromancer-Nightmares, Precognition, Erosion
Black Knight
Static War Machine.
Warriors x 6
Bow-armed Warriors
The Crypt

The Horde-7 Saga Dice

Quadruped Creatures x3
Hearthguard x2
Warriors x5
Bow-armed Levy
Sacrificial Stone


Rough Ground
Until Dusk
Mostly SAGA figures, with some LoTR figures added. 
I believe around turn 3, as you can see I advanced my 10 figures warrior units in both the centre and to my left flank, at this point I had lost a unit of warriors in a melee with Luis's creatures, but it was worth it as I took out 3 Creatures. Five massacre points vs 12!
Luis's Titan, a beautiful figure.
Luis's warriors surrounding his Warlord.
I made excellent use of the Crypt with my Necromancy ability.
Not a real Catapult!
By Turn 5 it was clear to me that I was ahead on points, as I had taken out Luis's Hearthguard and his Creatures. I started to pull back my troops, Luis was able to get one final charge on Turn 6 in the upper left of the table, but I was lucky and just lost 4 warriors with 4 figures reamaining. The final score: 21 points for the Undead and 7 for the Horde.

I enjoyed the game and I found The Undead Legions very interesting to play, certainly they may favour a defensive style of play. The War Machine did not at much as the Horde have a SAGA ability that puts them in solid cover, I think they only scored 2 kills on 4 shots, might not take them again. I made no use of the Monster but I believe he might be useful once I figure out how to use it. Although, the Black Knight did nothing in the game I believe him necessary to protect the Necromancer in case he takes a hit. I made good use of the spells except Erosion but it maybe it is enemy dependent.

Thanks Luis for coming over.

Now to prepare for an AoI game with PY.

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  1. Sounds fun! Also nice armies on both sides! :)