05 October 2022

Fangs of the Wolf-Game 3 (4 sessions)


We finished Game 3 in our Fangs of the Wolf campaign in the last week of September. Eero has just released the Action Report that I will link here. Each of our games is played over 3-4 sessions and in this game we see the White Devils attacking Ahola Farm (Table J) in attempt to cut off another group of Soviets as they were strung along the road north of Suomussalmi. 
This game took 4 sessions and I have to say the game was touch and go through out each of the sessions. The Soviets had yet to gain a victory and time was running out so myself and Janne really pushed hard in the fourth and final session to try to gain a victory. Well I will let you read Eero's usual excellent reports which can be found as follows:

Here are a few photos but many more can be found in Eero's reports which are truly a visual feast.

The Table
Lots of Soviets
The White Devils
Trying to hold them off
They have Maxims
Time to get close
The attack from the east
Soviets on skis
The Finns withdraw
Soviets armour seals a Soviet Victory

We have now started Game 4, already having one session with our next this coming Monday. But more about that in the future. 

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