07 October 2022

Battle for La Hermandad-GdA


A little less than a week ago myself and David got together for another GdA game. I again picked a scenario from the GdA Vitoria supplement. As usual I can recommend it's purchase. This was a bit of an unexpected game as it had not been planned so I had to use a mousepad mat rather then a cloth mat (which I had left in Salem). This precluded any scenario which required hills, and although there is a small hill in this scenario I could not see how it was important to the battle. 

I again took the Anglo-Portuguese while David took the French, unlike our last game the Allies were the attackers, so I put together my plan. 
The 52nd and 2/95th
Allied Order of Battle
The French position is in the foreground and the Brits are attacking across a ditch that stretches along the full table. The ditch does give cover but all units except skirmishers have to pass a discipline test to cross it. The French have yet to assume their Order of Battle, but the Allies are all set. From left to right are two veteran brigades which are mostly light troops including the 52nd and the 95th. In the centre, is a Portuguese brigade with a British line brigade on the allied left flank. In the centre is a BUA that I presume represents La Hermandad. The French deploy 40cm in while the Brits deploy 20 cm in. I should note that the French have 4 brigades with one reserve brigade arriving in Turn 5, The Brits also have 4 brigades but one less ADC. For game play, I added an ADC to each side.

For some reason, I have difficulty ever getting the initiative, maybe I should change my dice. I believe this was the third game in a row where out of 8-10 turns, I might have had the initiative twice!
The French Centre
The French Right Flank with the artillery attached to the centre brigade.
The French left flank, where they had the initiative they rapidly advanced this brigade to attack the  52nd and the 2/95th who had quickly advanced to the ditch with their skirmishers swung to the centre, I felt with the cover it would be a safe move to try to fire at the advancing French flanks. The French were a brigade of Étangers, so I was not to concerned as they were facing off against an Elite and a Veteran battalion. 

I have to admit, I was a little flummoxed  by David going on the attack, I had not expected that he would do this, I was hoping to get across the ditch quickly and now my 2 battalions although superior were facing off against 4 battalions. 
My centre made up of the 43rd and the 1/95th. I attached my sole  artillery  battery to this brigade.  Two units of skirmishers buttressed by the rifle-armed Chosen Men are out front.
Little action in the centre, I sent out my caçadores to threaten the artillery.
The Allied right flank
David issues an Infantry Assault order to the Étrangers, I manage to get the 52nd over the ditch but unfortunately the supporting 2/95th held back. Now looking a little touch and go, the French voltiguers have been driven back but 4 units on 1 is going to be a little tricky.
The 52nd are being pulverised......
.........and as you can see the 43rd and 1/95th are not doing well!
So by now it was looking pretty grim for the Allies and although they still had a strong right flank, time was running out, it was just turn 8 but we had been at it for 4 hours so we called it a day. the final positions are below.
The French left flank, as you can see the Allies have been cleared out!
The French right flank, still quite strong on both sides, considered a redeploy order but time was running out, so a marginal French Victory was declared.

I forgot to mention at the beginning that we went with all the rules for the first time, including skirmishers. Things went quite smoothly, we did have a couple of doubts but we made decisions which later proved to be all correct. We need to work on tightening up the orders for the Infantry Assault tasking but all in all, I feel much more confident with the rules.

David again played well, with a 2nd victory. I will really have to change up my game plan or get new dice (although I think the game plan is the problem). Another great game of GdA!

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