03 April 2020

More Elf Hearthguard

One of my favourite scenes
The Lords of the Wild is one of the few warbands in SAGA that allow Bow-Armed Hearthguard.
These plastic figures were very nice to paint

Leader figures for the Warband. The lieutenant (Ranger) can be armed with a bow or sword, to the far left is the sword version and just to his right is the bow armed version. In the centre is the Huntsman, a legendary unit, I need to find a couple of animal companions for him. Second from the right is the warlord for the unit and the odd figure on the right is my Sorcerer. All from the GW LotR line, from left to right: Haldir, a High Elf Archer, Gil-galad, Elrond and Radagast.
I painted Gil-galad and Radagast, while my son Simon painted the rest about 15 years ago.

A Titan Monster for the Warband

again painted by my son some years ago.

I am pretty sure that I can now field a 8 point AoM Lords of the Wild warband, but I do have plans to give myself some options, a little tough now as a lot of the larger figure manufacturers are not delivering orders, including Games Workshop. No reason not to put in an order to your local hobby shop though to sort them through these lean times.

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